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HPI Oil and Gas Seminar

Thank You for Joining Us at HPI Oil and Gas Seminar

Addressing Obsolescence In The North Sea

Together with HPI, Rotating Machinery Solutions, we demonstrated how we are 'Engineered for the Challenge' of obsolescence in critical assets in the North Sea.

The seminar included a discussion on industry trends, rotating equipment controls and instrumentation, upgrading obsolete turbine controls, KP4 regulations, energy management, condition monitoring using Dynamix 1444 and the benefits of implementing a Connected Enterprise.


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Some Of The Challenges We Explored:

  • Is your E/C&I equipment “ageing”?
  • Is there an understanding of the safety significance of your E/C&I equipment?
  • Are there plans for the likely replacement of at least some of your E/C&I equipment during the lifetime of the whole plant?
  • Is there an awareness of the technical & resource issues?
  • Are there provisions for Maintenance and Procurement of modern E/C&I equipment?
  • Are there adequate arrangements for Management of Change (MoC)?

Please visit our oil and gas page for more information on our solutions. For more information about the seminar please contact Robert Hopwood