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Spring Meeting

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Spring Meeting - MESA International Special Interest Group UK 2017
Thank You for Joining Us at Spring Meeting MESA International SIG

An Opportunity to Learn and Share Industry Best Practice

The aim of the MESA UK SIG was to give UK manufacturing companies, information technology hardware and software suppliers, system integrators, consulting service providers, analysts, editors, academics and students the opportunity to learn and share MOM best practice, as we head into an age of digitisation with The Connected Enterprise, Smart Manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

MESA International is a ‘not for profit’ community striving to help industry improve business results using information technology and management best practices. These events are intended to be interactive, two way information exchanges amongst specialists (and those wishing to become specialists) in the field.

As part of the event, we invited the assistants to attend the discussions and subsequent tour of The International Manufacturing Centre and The Energy Innovation Centre.

Spring Meeting - MESA International Special Interest Group UK 2017The Tour at The International Manufacturing Centre

During this tour, the assistants had the opportunity to experience:

  • 3xD Drive-in, Driver-in-the-loop, multi-axis driving simulator for autonomous, smart and connected vehicles
  • Remote laser welding
  • Automotive composites centre
  • Material characterisation
  • Robotics and automation
  • Machining
  • Centre for Imaging, Metrology and Additive Technologies (CiMAT) (Full vehicle CMM, CT scanning and ALM machines)

The Tour at The Energy Innovation Centre

As part of this tour, the assistants saw:

  • Battery scale-up line and dry room
  • Cell test and characterisation facility
  • Climatic chamber for emachine and vehicle pack testing
  • Twin dynamometer vehicle energy facility
  • High-frequency (shaker) testing
  • An exclusive insight into the creation of Jaguar cars

Visit MESA's website for more information.