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ISPE Europe Annual Conference

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Join Rockwell Automation at ISPE 2018 Europe Annual Conference

ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2018
19 — 21 March 2018
Rome, Italy



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Industry 4.0 is becoming a global term. The scope of Industry 4.0 is broad and it could be the next industrial revolution.

With the intelligent application of Industry 4.0 concepts into a Pharma 4.0 world, new opportunities to be faster, more agile and more responsive will be addressed. Factories of the future will have to adapt to these concepts in order to stay competitive and survive.

Digitisation is the trigger to automation and end-to-end integration of computerised systems, and that makes data integrity an absolute must in this new world.
Mass serialisation is being implemented in many countries to ensure a constant source in safe supply chains / a consistent and safe supply chain.

These influences and much more will be discussed and set the scene for ISPE’s 2018 Europe Annual Conference.