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Thanks for Joining Us at interpack 2017!

Thank You for Joining Us At interpack 2017 in Germany

interpack 2017 was far more than just a packaging show, it was the essential event for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors.

There is no other trade fair in the world where the entire supply chain is represented. As the world's leading trade fair, it is the major inspiration for the packaging industry and all related process technologies.

We believe that flexibility and agility driven by innovation, the Integrated Architecture® and The Connected Enterprise are the primary drivers that deliver the most cost and operational benefits for the packaging industry over the next decade.

The Connected Enterprise brings Smart Factories to life, to create a world of greater choice and unique consumer experiences driven by packaging mass customisation and product diversity. It is based on smart devices and smart machines in order to enable smart manufacturing.

At the event you had an opportunity to see over 220 examples of Solutions In Action machinery with our technology inside with members of our PartnerNetwork™ demonstrating their innovative machines.

Finally, to highlight and reward outstanding machine technology and celebrate the creativity and innovation within our industry, we created the ‘Best Future Machine Award’ with the winners announced during the event.


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