Internet of Things World Forum 2017

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The Connected Enterprise

Information is power. Helping customers harness it to bring our Connected Enterprise vision to life has been a priority for decades.

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Thank you for joining us at the Internet of Things World Forum 2017Thank You For Attending The Internet of Things World Forum 2017

An Event Where We Defined The Future Of The Industrial IoT

This invite-only event took place in London and featured keynote presentations from our President and CEO, Blake Moret and Chief Technical Officer, Sujeet Chand.

During the two days, you had the opportunity to be part of the discussions around advancing business, technology and society with Industry of Things (IoT). You were also able to attend dynamic educational sessions led by industry innovators, customer executives and business leaders.

The event offered an excellent opportunity to meet and learn from fellow industry leaders as well as those from both Rockwell Automation and Cisco.

To find out more about our smart manufacturing capabilities, visit our Connected Enterprise page.