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Coventry, United Kingdom • 18 October 2018

Intelligent Ingredients

Smart manufacturing can help improve yield, productivity and efficiency in food and beverage operations.

Think about the challenges your company faces today. What comes to mind?

  • More quickly responding to changing markets and consumer tastes?
  • Meeting the needs of consumers who are more connected, informed and outspoken?
  • Contending with new competitors, like online food providers, specialty producers or supermarket brands?
  • Complying with new regulations for greater food traceability?

Clearly, this is not the food and beverage industry of yesterday. It is more complex, consumer driven and fast-changing. Despite all these pressures, your production operations must keep pace if you want to remain competitive. A key part of this means improving productivity and efficiencies; not in a once-and-done fashion but continually and across all of your operations.

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18 October 2018


Coventry, United Kingdom

Smart Manufacturing

Connected, information-enabled smart manufacturing new opportunities to help you better interrogate and understand your operations in order to boost productivity. Smart manufacturing connects previously siloed processes. It creates a single view of operations and delivers seamless communications across people, data and assets. This will help you improve real-time collaboration, continuously optimize processes and keep operations moving, even as you contend with today’s biggest challenges.

Bringing together disparate networks, improving production visibility and attaining better control of your processes can help you make operational improvements and drive gains in efficiency, especially for complex activities like changeovers. Additionally, wider availability of information can help you be more responsive to supply-chain developments and improve on-demand production.


In particular, smart manufacturing can help you:

  • Improve asset utilization
  • Increase yield
  • Drive workforce productivity
  • Optimize resource management
  • Mitigate security risks

Smart manufacturing capitalizes on the latest technological advances to re-define what can be food and beverage manufacturing. This convergence is called Operational and Information Technologies (OT & IT) “The Connected Enterprise”.

We are already helping large and small, local and international food and beverage companies around the world implement smart manufacturing processes and we look forward to learning more from industry experts and customer advocates at Appetite for Engineering 2018.


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