What is Digital Technology and How Can it Help with Asset & Plant Optimization?

Optimize Your Plant with Digital Technology


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Planning for your plant’s future and navigating day-to-day problems can be challenging when you lack the right information.  Join us in Part 1 of this series to learn how you can leverage digital technology to identify operational risk and cost-savings opportunities in your facility. We’ll cover traditional methods to manage facility operations and the drawbacks, what’s at stake and how digital technology can help you form a baseline and map out your plant and asset optimization journey.

Top 3 Industry Drivers:
•    Improve capital spending
•    Minimize lifecycle risk  
•    Reduce operating costs - better manage the storeroom inventory or excess inventory

Key Takeaways:
•    Learn how to support and manage operations today, while planning for tomorrow.

Dave Mayer
Presented by Dave Mayer, Product Manager, Rockwell Automation

As product manager, Dave helps customers improve their operational efficiency and reduce their operating costs by providing digital services that allow them visibility into their asset base.

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