Webinar: How to Solve Challenges Faster and Easier With a Digital Twin



60 Minutes



Expand what’s possible in the design and performance of your machines using Emulate3D™ digital twin software.
Digital twin technologies are transforming the industrial space, elevating how we interact with our environments and offering great potential for the future workforce.

See how your machine runs before parts are ordered. Discover controls issues before you go on site. Transport plant personnel to a virtual world where they can train on systems without consequence, predict future performance and simulate line changes.

  • If you were able to test new designs of your machines, could you minimise how much rework is needed? 
  • If you could test your controls before building a system, could you spot trouble prior to ordering parts?

There are lots of “if only” moments in the life of a machine. If only you knew a conveyor or filler was slightly off before you built the machine. If only you knew about the controls-integration issues before you brought it on site. If only you could have executed a changeover more smoothly.

Emulate3D software helps you solve lifecycle challenges like these in the digital world, before they turn into “if only” moments in the real world.

During this webinar, you'll learn how digital twins could help:

  • Prototype new machine designs with minimal labor and cost
  • Operators be trained efficiently with a digital model
  • Experiments and system models see the impact of changes on machines


Driton Salihu
Power Control & Automation Engineer

Kaj Aaltonen
Attorney, Law Office Focuslaw Aaltonen & Roos