The Evolving ICS Cybersecurity Challenge for Pharma Manufacturing

The Evolving ICS Cybersecurity Challenge


60 Minutes



The cybersecurity landscape is continually changing and evolving, and cybercriminals are increasingly targeting life sciences companies. Prepare for not only bad actor hackers, but also unintended mistakes. Join our speakers as they provide a detailed overview of the growing threat landscape in pharma manufacturing and how best-in-class cybersecurity specialists are implementing comprehensive strategies to protect their enterprises.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Threat Intelligence with Cisco
  • The threat to critical networks in Life Sciences
  • Common attack vectors
  • The latest technology developments to defend against these threats
  • How to start a successful cybersecurity program


Billy Sisk
EMEA Life Sciences Industry Manager, Rockwell Automation

Billy has worked extensively both in automation and IT and is responsible for Rockwell Automation’s life science market strategy across EMEA. Through his high performing team, Billy helps pharmaceutical manufacturers bring innovative treatments to patients faster, while improving quality, yield and product security.


John Speakman
Business Development Lead, Networks & Security Services, Rockwell Automation

John is one of our Industrial Cybersecurity specialists at Rockwell Automation. He works with cross-industry customers throughout the EMEA region; to develop, strengthen and enhance the cybersecurity of their critical production networks. John and the rest of the Network & Security Services team help customers navigate the complete Cybersecurity Lifecycle, from initial development of a Cybersecurity Management System to specific critical production networks.

Stephen Friedenthal
IoT Solutions Architect, Cisco

Stephen has two degrees from MIT and specialises in enabling customers to securely integrate new to existing technology, transforming operational performance and increasing profitability. He previously directed the global MES and automation systems for an automotive OEM and led the data historian and MES architecture products for GE.