Improving operational decision-making through data

Improving operational decision-making through data


30 Minutes



The third in a five-part CPG industry webinar series, this session will discuss how Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturing is getting smarter. Learn why accessing and understanding your data is essential if you want to improve productivity, quality and food safety, as well as boosting connectivity and reducing downtime.

Discover how you can collect, analyse and access the right data to:

  • Remove the guesswork and variability from your manufacturing
  • Create a more efficient operation
  • Gain better control of quality and costs


Uwe Küppers
Senior Business Development Manager, Rockwell Automation

Uwe Küppers has been in the manufacturing industry for over 25 years. He has served in an advisory capacity on multiple projects for global companies, gaining excellent expertise in the fields of analytics, IoT, and manufacturing enterprise software (MES). Uwe has been the EMEA Chairman of MESA since 2014.