Distributed Workforce: Get the most out of Chalk

Distributed Workforce: Get the most out of Chalk


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In what has become the ‘New Normal’ for manufacturing, companies are realizing large productivity gains by leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) and remote, real-time monitoring to support digital manufacturing. Adopting these new technologies is helping manufacturers not only to navigate the current pandemic crisis but enabling them to be more agile and productive post-pandemic and in the long term.

High impact use cases include:
•    Remote access to experts leveraging AR to maintain operations
•    Workforce agility, e.g., faster training and productivity

Top 3 Industry Drivers:
•    New Normal of working from home
•    Workforce agility
•    Production problems during and after pandemic

Key Takeaways:
•    Faster training
•    Workforce agility
•    Connecting your workforce

Andrew Ellis
Presented by Andrew Ellis, Global Technical Consultant Director, Rockwell Automation

With 25 years of experience in guiding customers along their Digital Transformation journeys. He developed, designed and implemented automation strategies, integrated control systems and information solutions for North American and international customers in a variety of industries.

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Christian Radillo
Presented by Christian Radillo, Global Technical Lead, Rockwell Automation

Strategic Leader with 14 years of experience supporting clients accelerating the migration from the physical to the digital world, transforming and enabling smart connected operation by leading the journey from digital product definition, to Enterprise Operations and Business Orchestration.

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