Innovative thinking. Innovative machinery.

End-users want you to deliver smart machines and equipment that easily integrate into their facilities, provide access to pertinent, actionable information, and deliver the agility they need to react to changing market demands.

These examples show how we listen to their needs to help them to address these challenges, while working hard to help them save money, increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce downtime.

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Pivot Production With Flexible Manufacturing

OEM Foodmach is relying on flexible manufacturing to help Australia’s only surgical mask producer increase production to meet surging demands.

Easy Modernization for your Small Control System

Migration made easy for a CompactLogix™ 1769-L3x or CompactLogix™ 1768-L4x Control System to a CompactLogix™ 5380 Control System


25 June 2020


9:30 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.Central Daylight Time

North American Standards Part 2

Local standards like Feeder and Branch Circuits are key to exporting machines to North America. Discover how a new approach can help you succeed in the market.


25 June 2020


2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.Central European Summer Time

International Virtual Event

Online conference and expo with state-of-the-art features successfully offers real-time access to technical specialists and interactive video presentations to manufacturing professionals.

North American Standards Part 1 - NA vs Europe

Exporting machines to North America can be a struggle for European businesses. Discover tips and tricks for successfully selling into the market.


10 June 2020


2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.Central European Summer Time

Unified Machine Design Enables the Next Normal

Reimagining machine design & digitalization for infinite flexibility helps take unpredictable demand out of the equation – turning built-to-purpose into flex-to-purpose.

VirtualConnect: Smart Manufacturing

Join industry leaders at VirtualConnect to discover how Smart Manufacturing can improve your company’s productivity and optimise its operations.

Accelerating Smart Manufacturing Through Education

Training for smart manufacturing talent starts from education. Industry-Academia collaboration can facilitate the next generation of smart manufacturing talent.

Liquid Extraction Baler Uncovers Profit in Waste

This efficient solution from Harmony Enterprises fills market gap with a durable, space-saving design – and exceptional 12- to-18 month expected ROI.

Workforce Enablement and the New Age of OEM Value

Equipment and machine builders are rethinking design, machine intelligence and services to address their customer’s workforce challenges.

Introduction to Independent Cart Technology

No gears, no belts, no chains; there’s a better way to move

PowerFlex Drives for Crane and Hoist Applications

Let us help you with the heavy lifting.

Smart Objects Ease the Way to Smarter Machines

It’s coming. A powerful way to streamline the integration of IoT-enabled machines. And make the information they deliver more useful.

Choose the Right I/O to Help Reduce Downtime

Reduce downtime and increase flexibility through the new HART modules with Premier Integration in our FLEX 5000™ I/O portfolio.

Enhance Connectivity in Harsh Applications

Discover how you can connect better to improve productivity in harsh applications.

Migrate to Micro800 Controllers Now

Who says migration is tough? Find convenience in using one design software to program, configure and visualize.

Connected Components Workbench Software

Configure, program and test codes without hardware!

Washdown is Not Equal to Hygienic

Join this webinar to learn why hygienic design is so important and how it goes beyond simple wash-down ratings to prevent the contamination of your end products.

Smart Machine Uses AR for Work Instructions

Step by step work instructions reduce training needs and improve downtime and changeovers, helping manufacturers achieve a competitive advantage.

How Digital Twins Can Unlock Agile Design Process

Consumer demands change in the blink of an eye. Learn how digital twins unlock a more flexible and agile design process to respond to those demands.

Optimizing? How You Can Pick Up The Pace

Data – how it’s collected and used – will revolutionize manufacturing and process operations. What companies can do now to unlock additional levels of productivity.

Challenging Machine Builders to Think Differently

Food and beverage companies can achieve smart manufacturing goals by specifying smart, flexible machine technology. Are you asking the right questions?

One Smart Path. Extraordinary Machine Flexibility.

With a unified control platform, OEMs can better leverage the latest advanced technologies and optimize customers’ return on investment.

Impact of Ecommerce on Packaging Equipment Design

Independent cart technology answers the call for a better way to manage the high-mix, agile packaging needs of our made-to-order world.

Reimagine Your Smart Machines with Edge Computing

Combining a machine’s control and computing hardware into one platform can help OEMs create smarter, more secure and capable machines.

Packaging Machine Builder Reduces Engineering Time

Bosch Packaging, a global leader in providing packaging solutions in food and pharmaceutical segment, reduces the time required for machine manufacturing.

How to Reduce Lead Time, Build Efficiency

Custom machine builders are improving time to market with smarter machine engineering. See how you can build efficiency with a single control platform.

The Mill of the Future

How can we overcome manufacturing challenges in the tissue industry? With a mill of the future built around information and automation, the promise of Industry 4.0 can become a reality.

Washdown is Not Equal to Hygienic

Food recalls and their lasting impacts are forcing a change in industry standards.

Cavanna: Industry 4.0 Ready Solutions

Cavanna's Zero X features an important innovation in the reel holder, where the company has reached a high level of design and an unprecedented functionality.

Cosmobot: Packaging Flexibility in Action

CosmoBot uses MagneMotion independent cart technology to offer a step change in motion control capabilities, by removing the need for chain-driven mechanical systems and rotating elements.

CT PACK: Complete, Turn-key Packaging Lines

CT PACK's small, scalable and compact packaging line includes an M120 flow-wrapper and an “all in one” boxing system for secondary packaging.

CT PACK: Packaging Lines for the Food Industry

The high innovation level of CT PACK's lines comes from their compactness and their modular configuration and design, which are combined with maximum operator visibility.

Dara: Modularity Delivers Bespoke Solutions

Each module of Dara's machines is independent from the others, so customers can combine modules to achieve a final unique configuration to suit their precise needs.

Dinnissen: Matching Customer's Needs

Dinnissen's All-in-One Mixing concept, lifts, tilts, empties, mixes and fills containers from one location, in order to design a new mixing concept that is as lean as possible.

E2M: Quality Equipment for Multiple Industries

E2M's Flexiturn Orientation System is a flexible orienter for all kind of containers, full or empty, made in any kind of material and shape.

Essegi: Packaging Systems for Multiple Formats

Essegi's vertical packaging systems, balers, mixing lines, weighing systems and industrial automation solutions can wrap different products, across a wide range of weights and formats.

Feluwa: Your Pump Technology Experts

The MULTISAFE double hose-diaphragm pumps ensures that the medium is safely enclosed and remains hermetically sealed off from the periphery.

FrymaKoruma: Easy, Flexible Adaptability

The Dinex from FrymaKoruma is an all-rounder, capable of manufacturing everything from pharmaceuticals to toothpaste, including salves, creams, gels, syrup, pastes, lotions & cosmetics.

Ilapak: Committed to Best-in-Class Support

Ilapak's Vegatronic 6000 is a high-performance continuous film motion machine, which Ilapak introduced as a top solution among the ones included in its high-end range of machines.

Ilapak: Committed to Quality and Reliability

Ilapak's Carrera 500 offers low operating costs, tool-less changeover and rotary sealing jaws and can be tailored to match each customer’s specific needs.

IMA Automation: Innovation and Global Reach

IMA Automation's EVO FLEX ROTARY is an assembly-indexed rotary platform based on space-saving design, which is ideal for the assembly of large quantities of complex, market-ready products.

IMA Automation: State-of-the-Art Performance

IMA Automation's iQ FLEX, uses MagneMotion technology for pallet transfer and has been designed to meet the need for speed and flexibility in manufacturing.

Imanpack: Customer-Centric Approach

Imanpack's Moonlight Cell flowpack box motion is a horizontal wrapping machine, available with reel loaded from the top or bottom, with extended sealing time and four-axis control.

Livetech: Complete Packaging Systems

Livetech's LTL-3F is designed for packaging 6 different product formats in two standard box types. Forming, filling & closing have been conceived to minimise process time and operations.

Mespack: Leading-Edge Packaging Machines

Mespack's H-540-FE6 model is a rugged and reliable machine that allows the manufacturing of baby food liquid products in stand-up pouch with top-cap format.

Mespack: Specialists in Flexible Packaging

Mespack's W7200 PRO is designed to achieve the best flexible packaging performance while minimizing format changeover times.

PFM Group: Complete Packaging Portfolio

PFM's D-Series Stand-Up Pouch Machine's modularity and build concept delivers product and machine protection, coupled to easy operator access, without the need to remove guards.

PFM Group: Flexible Solutions/Multiple Industries

PFM's D-Series HFFS is an easy to use, integrated and highly efficient solution to form, fill, seal and handle flat and stand-up packages for solid, granular, powder & liquid products.

Robopac Systems: Palletised Perfection

Robopac System's Genesis Thunder uses a high-resistance Monobloc aluminium ring, which delivers lower rotation weight and inertias, it offers great robustness for heavy-duty operation.

Schmucker: A Major Player in Packaging Industry

Customization and flexibility are Schmucker's points of strength. Its solutions are ergonomic, easily accessible and can be quickly upgraded, retrofitted and expanded.

Somic: High-End Solutions for Case Packaging

Somic's FLEXX III machine addresses requests for upright, two-part cardboard packaging. All three machine modules are controlled by one combined control solution.

SPS: Advanced Technology as Standard

SPS's HFFS three-module dual lane wrapping machine is designed to be installed in the primary packaging area of high-speed systems.

SynchroGroup: Automatic Wrapping Solutions

SynchroGroup's Pack 600 LTS wrapping machine has the ability to wrap fully sealed inhalers at a rate of up to 100 PPM.

TMI: Expertise in Turnkey Projects

TMI's Ilersac VBF Sonic, an automated bagger for valve bags between 5 and 50 kg, is suited for production of flours, starches, animal feeding ingredients, fine chemicals or construction.

Umbra: BIG BAG Capabilities

Umbra's UP1000 Pro packaging machine features a gravitational electronic weighing system, a multi-positioning bag compartment and a bag-filling system, which does not deform the gussets.

Umbra: Constant Investment in R&D

Umbra's UPS Hygienic powder-filling machine can be used to hygienically fill milk powder, flour, yeast and general powdered ingredients for the food, chemical & pharmaceutical industries.

Viking Masek: Comprehensive Machine Portfolio

Viking Masek offers full packaging line integration, in-house engineering & design, and can act as a single-source supplier for infeed systems, product fillers and conveying equipment.

Viking Masek: Flexible Global Packaging Solutions

Viking Masek machines can be adapted to suit a customer’s precise requirements. Benefits include high-speed, performance & efficiency and the ability to handle a wide range of bag styles.

Zellwag: A Fcus on Customised Solutions

Zellwag's Z-810 Rx fully automated robot-based filling and closing machine for nested syringes and vials, is a clear example of its modern approach to design and innovation.

Zeton BV: New Technology Faster to Market

Zeton's high throughput catalyst testing system is designed and built with 12 independent reactor systems delivering 12 product separation and product sampling sections.

ATP: SRC Smart Case Taking Unit

The ATP SRC uses MagneMotion technology to deliver ultimate packaging flexibility to customers, as the forming and loading modules can operate independently.

Bausch+Strobel VarioSys: A Modular System

Bausch+Strobel's VarioSys is just as much at home in labs producing small batch sizes, as it is in fully automated pharmaceutical production lines for small-scale production.

Bradman Lake: Totally Integrated Automation

By adopting a common, scalable solution, Bradman Lake is able to develop a wide range machines capable of up to 1,200 parts per-minute.

Cama Group: Complete Packaging Solutions

Cama's Triaflex platform integrates logic and motion with a modular approach, making it possible to tailor solutions to the specific production process issues faced by the end user.

Cama Group: Modularity Matches Customer Needs

Cama's modular Monoblock range has been designed to address a huge variety of packaging applications, by integrating a wide array of packaging functions.

Cama Group: Solutions from Line Start to Line End

Cama’s new IF316, the new BTG compact forming, loading and closing system, is an incredibly compact and lean three-function machine.

Cavanna: R&D at the Core of Advanced Solutions

Cavanna's SLIM flow-wrapping machine is a fully automatic machine that offers a compact design, which improves factory space utilisation.

Tanis Confectionary: Quality and Professionalism

Tanis Confectionery develops machines, custom built to its customers' specific requirements. Its T-Gel Moulding solution delivers increased line productivity and improved dosing accuracy.

KS PULSE Keeps It Simple in Latest Release

Faster, easier integration is now possible in this revolutionary approach to auto body assembly based on independent cart technology.

MicroLogix Controllers to Micro800 Controllers

Learn how you can modernize from MicroLogix 1100 and MicroLogix 1200 controllers to the newer Micro800 controller platform with expanded capabilities.

Extending Your Reach to Robotics

Robotics opens a new world of possibilities for smart, flexible machinery. The latest technologies enable OEMs to take control.

Sinhyung Reduces Commissioning Time

Sinhyung Engineering selected a single controls supplier to help meet the changing demands of its end users and create flexible, scalable machines.

Set Yourself Up for Success

How progressive OEMs can differentiate themselves by helping customers meet expectations for highly flexible manufacturing facilities.

Don’t Overengineer: Get Quicker and Smarter

Single platform, single environment control and process solutions support what many of your end customers are deploying in their operations.

Connected Components Workbench Software Quick Tips

Get quick tips for Connected Components Workbench™ software.

Guide for Studio 5000 Logix Designer Software User

This guide provides terminology and workflow comparison between Connected Components Workbench™ software and Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application.

iQFlex Exploits MagneMotion Flexibility

IMA Automation’s iQ FLEX assembly platform with pallet-transfer technology meets industry’s need for speed, flexibility and agility.

Modernize with Micro800 Controllers

Get ready now. Discover how we can help you with your modernization journey to migrate from MicroLogix™ controllers to Micro800™ controllers. View the useful tools that are available today!

Connected Components Workbench Software Profile

This product profile provides the overview, advantages, and latest features of Connected Components Workbench™ Software. Find out more.

Is Your Machine Built for Thin Clients?

More manufacturers are adopting a simpler centralized information management paradigm, and they expect machines to conform.

Digital Twins: Creating Smarter Products On Time

To curb the increasing risks of advanced machine design, digital twins help engineers make informed design decisions that won’t break the budget.

Is Your Smart Machine Plug-and-Play?

Smart machines help transform data into knowledge. For OEMs, easy machine integration is pivotal to success. Here’s what to consider before you start.

OEM: Fundamentals & Troubleshooting

This course is intended for OEMs who need to maintain and troubleshoot a ControlLogix-based machine – but have little to no working experience with ControlLogix systems.

Course Number: OEM100


10 – 14 August 2020


Milton Keynes


GBP 1,769

OEM: Fundamentals & Troubleshooting

This course is intended for OEMs who need to maintain and troubleshoot a ControlLogix-based machine – but have little to no working experience with ControlLogix systems.

Course Number: OEM100


9 – 13 November 2020


Milton Keynes


GBP 1,769

Deyu Lights Up Efficient Battery Production

Deyu's winding machines help customers achieve higher productivity and lower cost in battery production, and enhance the reliability and energy density.

Large-scale Integrated PM Motor Control Solution

AT Equipment and Services GmbH, was tasked with the development of a precision control solution for two large permanent-magnet (PM) motors deployed in a dual-chamber shredding unit.

iTRAK Addresses Throughput Challenges

ECONO-PAK was approached by Lotte Wedel to develop a packaging/cartoner machine that would more easily cater for varieties in packaging formats and product counts.

Suitable Applications for Micro870 Controllers

Discover how Micro870™ controllers fit applications that range from process skid, manufacturing and assembly, packaging, converting and web handling, material handling, and water wastewater.

Smart Machine Helps Ease Safety Compliance

Yalong’s gearbox assembly machine meets standard requirements for integrated safety, ultimately helping end users ease compliance and reduce costs.

Bringing Smart Factories to Life

Packaging plants can become connected, flexible and responsive and bring smart factories to life.

Connected Components Workbench Software Highlights

Watch this video to learn how the Logix Theme simplifies your user experience.

System Conserves Space, Improves Load Stability

The Columbia Machine FL6200SW combines high-speed stretch wrap technology with a contemporary, modular and clean-design palletizer.

Master the Balancing Act of Powertrain Assembly

A more distributed control architecture plus new design and configuration tools speed line load balancing in powertrain assembly – and enable more flexible manufacturing.

Rockwell Automation Improves Hydraulic System

Thanks to Rockwell Automation servo drives and AC drives, Neotecman has reduced the design, installation and setup time of its hydraulic stamping equipment.

Integrated Architecture Reduces Costs and Time

A global manufacturer of specialty papers and fibre-based engineered materials, wanted a new machine to connect seamlessly with a plant’s existing infrastructure.

Value for Packaging – More Than Equipment

Packaging equipment manufacturers can better serve customers by understanding their bigger challenges instead of relying entirely on technology. Everything starts with a conversation.

Automotive Machine Builders: Deliver Smart Value

Thanks to enabling technologies, automotive machine builders can deliver more value than ever before. Two smart questions are key to success.

Micro800 Controllers for Standalone Machines

For a flexible and customized solution that provides basic control for standalone machines, turn to the Allen-Bradley® Micro800™ programmable logic controller (PLC) family.

Improving Productivity and Footprint with iTRAK

With variable pitch, higher speed and greater throughput forming the crux of a new assembly machine, Maga Active turned to Rockwell Automation with its innovative iTRAK® technology.