Innovative thinking. Innovative machinery.

End-users want you to deliver smart machines and equipment that easily integrate into their facilities, provide access to pertinent, actionable information, and deliver the agility they need to react to changing market demands.

These examples show how we listen to their needs to help them to address these challenges, while working hard to help them save money, increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce downtime.

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How One Machine Builder Cut Delivery Time 50%

Lanco’s customer needed a COVID-19 test strip machine – fast. Success tested people, processes and perseverance – and proved how important it is to be flexible.

Pivot Production With Flexible Manufacturing

OEM Foodmach is relying on flexible manufacturing to help Australia’s only surgical mask producer increase production to meet surging demands.

Unified Machine Design Enables the Next Normal

Reimagining machine design & digitalization for infinite flexibility helps take unpredictable demand out of the equation – turning built-to-purpose into flex-to-purpose.

Workforce Enablement and the New Age of OEM Value

Equipment and machine builders are rethinking design, machine intelligence and services to address their customer’s workforce challenges.

Smart Objects Ease the Way to Smarter Machines

It’s coming. A powerful way to streamline the integration of IoT-enabled machines. And make the information they deliver more useful.

Optimizing? How You Can Pick Up The Pace

Data – how it’s collected and used – will revolutionize manufacturing and process operations. What companies can do now to unlock additional levels of productivity.

Challenging Machine Builders to Think Differently

Food and beverage companies can achieve smart manufacturing goals by specifying smart, flexible machine technology. Are you asking the right questions?

One Smart Path. Extraordinary Machine Flexibility.

With a unified control platform, OEMs can better leverage the latest advanced technologies and optimize customers’ return on investment.

Impact of Ecommerce on Packaging Equipment Design

Independent cart technology answers the call for a better way to manage the high-mix, agile packaging needs of our made-to-order world.

Reimagine Your Smart Machines with Edge Computing

Combining a machine’s control and computing hardware into one platform can help OEMs create smarter, more secure and capable machines.

How to Reduce Lead Time, Build Efficiency

Custom machine builders are improving time to market with smarter machine engineering. See how you can build efficiency with a single control platform.

Extending Your Reach to Robotics

Robotics opens a new world of possibilities for smart, flexible machinery. The latest technologies enable OEMs to take control.

Set Yourself Up for Success

How progressive OEMs can differentiate themselves by helping customers meet expectations for highly flexible manufacturing facilities.

Don’t Overengineer: Get Quicker and Smarter

Single platform, single environment control and process solutions support what many of your end customers are deploying in their operations.

Is Your Machine Built for Thin Clients?

More manufacturers are adopting a simpler centralized information management paradigm, and they expect machines to conform.

Digital Twins: Creating Smarter Products On Time

To curb the increasing risks of advanced machine design, digital twins help engineers make informed design decisions that won’t break the budget.

Is Your Smart Machine Plug-and-Play?

Smart machines help transform data into knowledge. For OEMs, easy machine integration is pivotal to success. Here’s what to consider before you start.

Bringing Smart Factories to Life

Packaging plants can become connected, flexible and responsive and bring smart factories to life.

Master the Balancing Act of Powertrain Assembly

A more distributed control architecture plus new design and configuration tools speed line load balancing in powertrain assembly – and enable more flexible manufacturing.

Value for Packaging – More Than Equipment

Packaging equipment manufacturers can better serve customers by understanding their bigger challenges instead of relying entirely on technology. Everything starts with a conversation.

Automotive Machine Builders: Deliver Smart Value

Thanks to enabling technologies, automotive machine builders can deliver more value than ever before. Two smart questions are key to success.

Key to Brewing Success: Craft Beverage Packaging

Craft beer is a rapidly growing and exciting market. New digital can printing technology is opening-up a whole new world of opportunity.

A Smarter Approach to Machinery Design

Learn how OEMs can meet customer demands and stay competitive by building smart machines and equipment.

Improving Safety Design Productivity

OEMs and end users involved in the machine building process have access to technologies and design tools to help them increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of safety system design.

Design Smart Machines With Smarter Tools

To develop customized, modular machines more efficiently, machine and equipment builders can create standard, scalable building blocks using machine design tools.

High Performance in a Small Control System

Controllers must offer increased capacity to help meet the growing demands of smart machines and equipment for manufacturing in the small control space.

Smart Devices Boost Performance & the Bottom Line

Every human tries to avoid mistakes. But now - with smart devices and intelligent machinery enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) - things can avoid mistakes, too.

Secure Remote Access is Important for Your Brand

How can OEMs better protect their equipment, investments and reputation?

Compliance and Beyond as IEC/ISO 17305 Nears

New changes are coming to machinery safety standards. Are you ready?

OEMs Show Flexible Approach is Key to Security

One in five manufacturers says it has experienced intellectual property losses due to security breaches.

Can Your VFD Speak Servo?

New level of AC drive integration can help simplify machine development and use - from programming and configuration to maintenance and troubleshooting.

Safety Challenges of Processes and Machines

Safety in industrial processes and machinery has been always a critical to help ensure personal safety and compliance with standards and laws.

When Two Machine Safety Standards Become One

The coming together of two machinery safety standards, (EN) ISO 13849 and IEC 62061, has great potential to streamline and clarify previously grey areas.

What Drives a Successful Packaging OEM?

A Q&A with a global OEM to learn about what makes them successful and the trends they see in the packaging industry.

Steps to Building Security into Machinery

To achieve true business agility, OEMs and their customers need to create a seamless information flow from machinery to the enterprise.

Line Integration – Time on Your Side

At the forefront of manufacturing, particularly consumer packaged goods, modern line Integration practices are reducing downtime, time to market and improving manufacturing flexibility.

EtherNet/IP: One Network For Machine Builders

EtherNet/IP gives the machine builder the ability to minimize engineering time. Disciplines such as motion control, I/O control, HMI and safety coexist on a standard single network.

EtherNet/IP: Key To Information Enabled Machines

People naturally gravitate to technology they understand and tools that make life easier, including Ethernet/IP for industrial networking.