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End-users want you to deliver smart machines and equipment that easily integrate into their facilities, provide access to pertinent, actionable information, and deliver the agility they need to react to changing market demands.

These examples show how we listen to their needs to help them to address these challenges, while working hard to help them save money, increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce downtime.

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The Mill of the Future

How can we overcome manufacturing challenges in the tissue industry? With a mill of the future built around information and automation, the promise of Industry 4.0 can become a reality.

iQFlex Exploits MagneMotion Flexibility

IMA Automation’s iQ FLEX assembly platform with pallet-transfer technology meets industry’s need for speed, flexibility and agility.

Modernize with Micro800 Controllers

Get ready now. Discover how we can help you with your modernization journey to migrate from MicroLogix™ controllers to Micro800™ controllers. View the useful tools that are available today!

Deyu Lights Up Efficient Battery Production

Deyu's winding machines help customers achieve higher productivity and lower cost in battery production, and enhance the reliability and energy density.

Suitable Applications for Micro870 Controllers

Discover how Micro870™ controllers fit applications that range from process skid, manufacturing and assembly, packaging, converting and web handling, material handling, and water wastewater.

Smart Machine Helps Ease Safety Compliance

Yalong’s gearbox assembly machine meets standard requirements for integrated safety, ultimately helping end users ease compliance and reduce costs.

Connected Components Workbench Software Highlights

Watch this video to learn how the Logix Theme simplifies your user experience.

Cama: Integrated Automation, Motion & Modularity

Cama Group's Triaflex automation platform integrates logic and motion with a modular approach. Solutions can be tailored to specific production-process issues faced by end users.

Ilapak FFS Machines: Performance Up & TCO Down

Ilapak's VFFS and HFFS machines boost accuracy and consistency, speed up testing and validation and help customers reduce their TCO.

PFM: Tornado Delivers High Speed Capabilities

The PFM Tornado Horizontal Flow Wrapper is designed for high speed M.A.P. operations and is capable of producing up to 100 packs/min with hermetic seals.

UVA Packaging: Flexibility & Minimal Maintenance

UVA Packaging's VFFS machine's flexibility is enhanced through its ability to store more than 100 product recipes. Unrivalled economics in a hygienic split-frame design.

Viking Masek: Minimal Maintenance & Maximum Speed

Viking Masek's stainless steel  S250/300 VFFS Machine offers minimal maintenance requirements and its MS 400 VFFS Continuous Bagmaker is capable of processing multiple bag formats.

Rovema: Full Integration, Greater Connectivity

High output and efficiency levels up to 98%. Its integrated control platform delivers greater connectivity and global accessibility to spares and support.

Stax Technologies: Innovation in Tissue Packaging

STAX Technologies develops automatic equipment for packaging tissue products. Its Ultima roll wrapper exploits the full capabilities of our iTRAK independent cart technology.

Alfa Machine: Tailor-Made Packaging Solutions

Alfa Machine exploits our Integrated Architecture to deliver complete customised fill, seal and packaging solutions.

Highlights from interpack 2017

At interpack 2017 you had the opportunity to see over 220 examples of Solutions In Action machinery with our technology.

Bottle Infeed System Wins Modular Category Award

The winners of the interpack 2017 Modular category in the Best Future Machine Award are Gebo Cermex, for their CareSelect modular shaped-bottle infeed system.

Cama Wins Overall Best Future Machine Award

Cama Group have won the interpack 2017 award for the Best Future Machine, for the cutting-edge technology on their IF318 Robotised Monoblock Loading Unit.

Goglio Wins Award For Best Smart Machine

The compact, modular design of the award-winning GCap6 loading machine by Goglio is scalable and operates at high speed, to package coffee into aluminum capsules.

SN Maschinenbau Wins Award For Traceability

SN Maschinenbau's FM 200 pouch packaging machine has been named as winner of the Traceability category in the interpack 2017 Best Future Machine Awards.

Sustainability Award for Box-On-Demand Machine

The Sustainability award at interpack 2017 has been awarded to CMC Machinery for their packaging solution that produces the optimum packaging depending on the shape and size of the item.

Senzani: Innovation & Excellent Line Customization

An integrated solution for motion and logic control makes Senzani's WA12 case packer extremely flexible, coupled with faster and easier format changeovers.

The Best Future Machine Award Winners!

This award highlights outstanding machine technology and celebrates the creativity and innovation within our industry.

Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging: Quality Innovation

Thanks to integrated control, Dara's HSL-PP/4 delivers accuracy, compact size, high performance and a high data transfer rates. cGMP and FDA standards are covered too.

Easy Change-Over with Stick Pack Machines

Viking's multi-lane machines use Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture to deliver motion, safety, variable speed drives and controllers, reducing programming and installation time.

Ilapak: Lux 24 Handles Multiple Media Types

Ilapak's highly versatile Lux 24 can be configured with filling solutions for liquids, solids, powders or granular products, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Lafer Packaging: Hermetic Sealing of Fresh Foods

Lafer Packaging's Motion-HP machine, for the packaging of fresh food, is a latest-generation automatic flow pack solution that delivers high performance and flexibility in a sanitary design.

Radpak: Flexibility, Reliability & Maximum Uptime

The Radpak Case Packer works 24/7, with all components chosen to for longer & more reliable operation. Tool-free changeover and flexibility means it can pack several types of product.

Robopac: Rotopac Delivers Precise Control

Robopac's Rotopac 3000 leverages precision control infrastructure to use less materials – saving up to 50% compared to some standard solutions.

Schmucker: Accuracy, Efficiency & Maximum Uptime

Schmucker's solutions for primary packaging of granular, liquid or powder products offer increased flexibility, faster changeover, easier maintenance, higher speeds and better integration.

Sleever: Fast & Energy Efficient Operation

Sustainable productivity! Sleever's  compact and energy-efficient Combisteam LDPET saves 40% in floor space and 50-60% in energy consumption compared to traditional sleeving machines.

T-Gel Moulding Solution Delivers Line Productivity

The introduction of robot technology for the feeding and stacking of mould boards increases line productivity and improves dosing accuracy on the T-Gel Moulding machine.

Universal's Theta Sachet Machine

Theta's high-performance sachet machine for hygienic, primary packaging applications combines low energy-consumption, a compact footprint, flexibility and quick format changeover.

Rychiger: Optimal Sealing and Packaging Quality

Rychiger's deployment of modular construction and servo-driven control caters for all packaging formats, with manual or automatic feed systems.

Cavanna: Single Module Wrapping Solution

Cavanna's PI.CO. Loader and Zero X wrapper can handle multiple packaging formats in a single integrated solution. Flexible flow wrapping with integrated control.

Mespack: Rugged Reliability for VFFS and HFFS

Mespack is committed to innovation. Its H-540-FE6 machine has been designed for the most exacting customers who require high-volume production.

SN Maschinenbau: Setting Benchmarks in Packaging

SN Maschinenbau's SF 400 spout filler has gripper technology, servo control, sealing stations & multiple other capabilities that have set packaging benchmarks in the industry.

An Innovative Approach To Machine Design

Bradman Lake's machines have been designed to seamlessly connect and interact with each other across a common automation platform – the Allen-Bradley® Logix platform.

CT Pack: Scalable Packaging Solution Boosts Output

CT Pack's modular, high-speed HCI 800 machine combines a flow-wrapper & All-In-One boxing system with an input rate of 500 to 800 products/minute and an output rate of 21 to 34 boxes/minute.

Gebo Cermex: CareSelect–Less Contact More Quality

Gebo Cermex's CareSelect technology uses movers that are only in contact with bottles for 0.3 seconds – 20 times less than with a screw approach. Less contact = less risk of damage.

Pack Line: Flexible for Multi-component Packaging

With an output capacity of 80 to 300 cups per minute, Pack Line's PXM Filling & Sealing machine combines servos and pneumatics making it ideal for packaging multi-component products.

PFM Machinery: Maximum Packaging Flexibility

The PFM Scirocco is a high-speed HFFS machine capable of “hermetically” packaging products at speeds of 200ppm or more. Multiple packaging formats are possible, all using the same wrapper.

V5000 VFFS Exemplifies Smart Machinery

SV5000 offers advantages such as energy saving, easy maintenance, fast problem solving, improved machine safety, compact layout, minimised installation and commissioning time.

CMC Machinery: Rapid Throughput & Minimal Waste

The CMC CartonWrap 1000 creates boxes from corrugated stock – based on 3D scans – creating the perfect box size, with minimal waste less void fillers.

DS Smith: Precision, Reliability and Saved Costs

DS Smith's Combi 150R combines a fast and efficient mandrel case former with a high-speed robotic packing and sealing unit in a compact, energy-efficient line.

Cama Group: Cutting Edge Technology & Reliability

Cama's IF318 deploys iTRAK independent cart technology to deliver fast, flexible and infinitely variable product-transfer capabilities.

Goglio: More Flexibility, Less Space & Wiring

Goglio's GCap6 filling machine for aluminium capsules, synchronises multiple modules with advanced, integrated control solution that delivers greater flexibility and reduces space & wiring.

Tonejet: iTRAK Delivers Maximum Flexibility

Tonejet's use of Independent Cart Technology results in maximum flexibility with minimum reengineering. Rapid changeover matches end-user demand.

Jaguar F-PACE Is Built in a Digitised Factory

The Jaguar F-PACE is a connected car built with Rockwell Automation and Cisco Technology and demonstrating validated scalable and secure network architectures.

How the PartnerNetwork Program Can Benefit OEMs

Our UK OEM Partner, Lambert Engineering, discusses the benefits of being part of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ Program.

Looking For A Machine or Equipment Builder?

We work closely with a network of selected OEMs that design innovative equipment. Watch Andy Bell, OEM Program Manager EMEA, as he discusses our OEM Partner Program.

Cama Group Use iTRAK Technology in IF 318

By using iTRAK technology in their IF 318 Robotised Monoblock Loading Unit, Cama are offering customers higher speed, greater flexibility, ease-of-use, and sanitary design.

Optima: Leading Edge–From Goods in to Product Out

Optima leverages iTRAK flexibility to boost throughout and slash changeover times at leading hygiene product manufacturer.

What Is a Smart Machine?

Find out how Rockwell Automation is using a Connected Enterprise to enable Smart Manufacturing.

EMEA Competency Centre

Our state-of-the-art Centre offers machine builders the opportunity to see and test applications and technical solutions that could make the competitive difference to your business.

Micro800 Controller Overview

Learn more about the flexible and customizable Micro800 controllers and how easy it is to program with Connected Components Workbench software.

Machine Builders: How to Increase Efficiency

In this video, you will discover how off-the-shelf components and just-in-time delivery can reduce programming and assembly time and increase supply chain efficiency.

Machine Builders: Maximize Design Productivity

This video describes ways to reduce design labor time and costs.

Machine Builders: Speed Time-to-Market

Off-the-shelf components and just-in-time delivery can reduce programming and assembly time, with a boost in supply chain efficiency.

Cama Group Using iTRAK System

Watch this example of Cama Group's CAMA CL175 in action using Rockwell Automation's iTRAK System.

Connected Components Workbench Software Overview

Learn how easy it is to configure, program, and visualize. Watch this video if you have questions on Connected Components Workbench software.

Micro Control System

Simple and cost-effective micro-automation solution for builders of small to large standalone machines. Single software package that is easy to configure, program and visualize.

Learn about PanelView 800 Graphic Terminals

Graphic terminals that are ideal for your standalone machines to meet a wide variety of small to midsize applications. Learn how to configure with these videos.

KHS: Maximum Flexibility and Agility

KHS's Innopouch VFFS machine uses iTRAK independent cart technology to deliver maximum flexibility and agility, coupled to rapid and accurate product transfer.

Connected Components Workbench Software Tutorials

Watch these tutorial videos to get started with our Micro800® controllers, PanelView™ 800 graphic terminals, and Connected Components Workbench™ programming and configuration software.

Kliklok-Woodman Create Packaging Solultion

Rockwell Automation Motion Analyzer and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks software partnership create a new improved packaging solution.