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Industrial Security Solutions to Mitigate Risks

You have people and assets to protect. It is time to mitigate potential threats and build a holistic security system to enable deeper visibility into operations, improve collaboration among people, and obtain even higher levels of efficiency. We can help you achieve The Connected Enterprise with a comprehensive portfolio of industrial security solutions and products.

Secure Network Infrastructure

Control Access to the Network, and Detect Unwanted Access and Activity

A resilient industrial network security system is essential to ensure that proper access is only given to the right people and that data is protected against manipulation or theft. Our validated network security solutions, based on standard Ethernet/IP™, enable unified plant-to-enterprise integration. We can help optimize networks for use in industrial applications and the use of enabling technologies including mobility, data analytics, and cloud.

  • Secure the perimeter and enable IT connectivity with the Industrial Demilitarized Zone
  • Enable remote connectivity of people, process, and information with remote access and system monitoring
  • Unify enterprise and plant floor security controls with Stratix® managed switches and industrial firewalls, such as the Stratix 5950 Security Appliance
  • Reduce implementation risks by using tested and validated network designs from Cisco and Rockwell Automation

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Access Control and Policy Management

Control Who, What, Where, and When Access Is Allowed

You need to prevent access violations of unauthorized users and minimize the potential exposure to threats from internal resources. You can control access and implement policies to determine who, what, where, and when access is allowed to our applications and control system equipment. 

  • Centrally manage user authentication and authorization of user permissions with FactoryTalk® Security
  • Integrate management user accounts with Active Directory
  • Leverage scalable solutions for flexible workflows around disconnected environments, guest user access, temporary priveledge escalation, and more.
  • Harden applications by limiting the usage of tags with Data Access Control

Content Protection

Protect the Viewing, Editing, and Use of Your Application Content

Automation equipment, like controllers, can potentially contain sensitive information that sets your business apart. We can help you establish a common, secure environment for your industrial systems to protect your intellectual property while maintaining productivity and quality.

  • Restrict access to authorized personnel for specific Add-on Instructions and routines with License Based Source Protection in the Studio 5000® Integrated Design Environment
  • Prevent overuse of restricted code or functionality with Execution Protection

Tamper Detection

Detect and Respond to Unwanted Activity and Modifications in the System

We can help you protect the integrity of your operations with solutions to detect, record, and respond to potential threats in the control system.

  • Centrally record and track user actions in the system using FactoryTalk® AssetCentre
  • Schedule backups of operating asset configurations and electronic files and folders
  • Automatically detect modifications to asset configurations and protected content
  • Respond to incidents with disaster recovery capability
  • Regularly discover and maintain an inventory of all devices on the plant floor
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