Remote Monitoring and Analytics

Understand and Improve the Performance of Your Critical Assets

Understanding asset performance is key to optimize your operations and prevent costly downtime events. Remote Monitoring and Analytics provides a simple and secure approach to help monitor equipment and collect valuable performance analytics. It can give you valuable insights into how well your assets are working and alert you when performance falls outside of acceptable performance standards.

Get Connected

Simple, Secure Connectivity Minimizes Risk and Maximizes Productivity

Different workers need different access to assets. Your workers can use our role-based access control to remotely access individual sites and devices across your enterprise. Once connected, they can view valuable information using visualization, analytic, and dashboarding tools on a range of devices.

Of course, remote access is only valuable if it is secure. Our platform uses IT-approved and outbound-only communication to protect access to your assets and any transferred information. We also offer advanced security features not available in a VPN solution to further safeguard your connections and your intellectual property. These include device-level access granularity, end-user remote-access control, and remote session logs.

Get Informed

Empower Workers to Make Smarter, More Informed Decisions

The information that can be collected from remote monitoring offers a window into the performance of your automation equipment. You can view production data, asset and system health, and other information. You can then use this information to help workers make better decisions in each of their unique roles.

Use the Remote Monitoring and Analytics platform to:

  • Collect and store important information
  • View status, uptime, and alarms, and run reports from one portal
  • Program alarms to deliver emails or text messages if problems arise
  • Archive critical files and configurations to serve as a disaster recovery plan
  • Share the right information with the right people at the right time

Get Ahead

Optimize Your Operations and Transform How You Do Business

Remote Monitoring and Analytics has value beyond day-to-day process improvements and issue resolutions. It also can help you optimize your larger operations and transform how you do business. We can help you shorten downtime recovery by predicting faults before they occur. You can implement tools to help integrate your supply chain. You can design material orders to automatically replenish after a certain number is met. You can build customized dashboards to view production data and asset or system health that is most important to your specific needs.

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