Automation Today Issue 59: Executive Message

Automation Today Issue 59: Executive Message

What makes Smarter Machines and Smarter Manufacturing?

With greater requirement for production and machine information, comes the need for industrial grade smart devices. Smart devices are integral components for smart machines and are the first step to capture operational data. These smart devices help enable you to make more intelligent and information-based decisions.

Connected devices and systems, advanced analytics and modern network architectures are optimizing processes and results that were previously unconceivable. Whether you are in the automotive, life sciences, food and beverage, machine builder or any related manufacturing industry, smart devices can help meet your production challenges.

By 2020, industrial producers are on track to exceed 50 billion connected devices across their enterprises, along with multiple Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications that depend on them. As the pace of digital transformation increases, manufacturers need to invest in new smart devices, machines and equipment to remain competitive.

This issue of Automation Today delves into the technologies that help manufacturers gain a competitive edge – exploring how smart machines and equipment enable a smarter and more data driven manufacturing enterprise and how OEMs are responding to end users’ demand for smart machines that seamlessly connect the plant floor with the enterprise.

It explores the latest technologies to help Transform your Machines and Equipment to be Smarter and Safer; reveals Game Changing Technology for Auto Manufacturers; and looks at how the IIoT Evolution is enabling Hyper-Connected Smarter Manufacturing.

Whether you are an OEM looking at ways to help your customers achieve success in a competitive market or an end user looking to improve flexibility and productivity – scalable, smart machines and equipment can help.

As smart machines and equipment continue to evolve and advance their capabilities, I hope you enjoy this issue of Automation Today and that it helps you identify new and innovative ways for your manufacturing process.

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