Securing the Digital Enterprise

Securing the Digital Enterprise

Digitalization enables a secure flow of data throughout the enterprise and supply chain, helping companies dramatically improve productivity, quality, compliance and profitability. It offers enormous opportunities to industrial companies and as a result, the race is on to digitalize from the plant floor all the way through to enterprise systems.

To be competitive, you must be connected. Smart Manufacturing is significantly transforming companies and their operations. But with opportunity comes increased risk. More connected operations can create more potential entrance points for industrial security threats.

Taking a holistic approach to cyber security is of paramount importance, especially in today’s rapidly evolving digital manufacturing environment. Holistic industrial security is enterprise-wide, starting at the plant level and encompassing every individual end device.

Smart industrial devices coupled to robust and secure OT networks often fall outside of the comfort zone of traditional IT managers, so you should consider vendors that can deliver both OT and IT experience. There are plenty with experience in IT, and a fair few with OT knowledge, but experience with both is not easy to find, so you need to make an incredibly objective decision.

A Proactive Approach to Cyber Security (video).

This issue of Automation Today dives deep into the latest technologies and industry insights related to cyber security and the digital enterprise. It also covers how you can embrace the benefits of digitalization while protecting your enterprise from the risks introduced by increased connectedness.

It focuses on the topics that are top of mind to our customers including:

  • Security for smart manufacturing
  • Changing security risks and how they can be addressed
  • A step by step guide to smart manufacturing.

This issue also includes the latest products and technologies, recent company news and events and customer case studies revealing how we help customers address their application challenges.

As the technologies that enable digital transformation advance, smart manufacturing is going to continue to get smarter and new security threats will present themselves.

Cyber security needs a proactive holistic approach. So, as 2018 comes to a wrap, I hope you will enjoy this issue of Automation Today and continue the discussion about the importance of securing the digital enterprise.

We look forward to an exciting year in 2019, and wish you Happy Holidays!

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