Products and Solutions from Rockwell Automation

Products and Solutions from Rockwell Automation

Latest Release of Studio 5000 Optimizes Productivity and Reduces Commissioning Time 

The Studio 5000 design environment combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework that enables optimized productivity and reduced commissioning time – helping engineers design, build and commission automation systems more quickly.

The Studio 5000® environment combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework

The latest release of Studio 5000 includes major updates to both Logix Designer application and Application Code Manager. Logix Designer now supports AutomationML for data exchange along CAD tool chains. The enhancements for Studio 5000 Logix Designer includes a 64-bit math instruction support, new intuitive FBD Functions and Alarm Library Management improvements.

The new release of Studio 5000 Simulation Interface enables the integration of simulation tools to help build a digital twin to better design and validate systems. ControlFLASH Plus latest release allows users to manage their devices lifecycle natively and increases productivity by updating multiple devices simultaneously.

Focused on optimizing productivity, increasing efficiency and simplifying workflows, the Studio 5000 v32 software release helps you to respond more quickly to changing market and business needs while reducing total costs.

Our FactoryTalk® Analytics™ platform is a bundled offering

FactoryTalk Analytics for Industrial IoT Applications

Industrial organizations must be able to quickly identify ways to tighten production schedules and maximize revenue. The expanded FactoryTalk Analytics platform enables scalable analytics from edge to enterprise. The latest updates to the FactoryTalk Analytics platform include:

FactoryTalk Analytics DataView Version 2.1

FactoryTalk Analytics DataView empowers you with faster insights through self-service, and intuitive storyboards you can create with one click. It enables rapid horizontal data integration, enterprise-level security, performance and scalability combined with strong manageability in a collaborative and mobile environment.

The latest release increases visibility, improves productivity and enhances efficiency by providing quick insights to your line, shop floor, plant and enterprise. It does not matter whether data comes from one system or from multiple disparate systems like PLC, DCS, Historians, MES and Enterprise applications. Through a simple self-service four-step process, you can annotate data, add context, mash it with other data and generate storyboards to get insights immediately.

FactoryTalk Analytics Data Explorer

The first step in analytics is gathering data, aligning different data sources and preparing it to learn about a system, problem or process. Machine Learning algorithms are powerful new tools to develop useful models to improve manufacturing. However, frequently there is insufficient aligned data from diverse manufacturing systems, problems with data or significant periods that are irrelevant to the task at hand. In addition, there can be data management issues, such as excessive compression.

With FactoryTalk Analytics Data Explorer software you can visualize and graphically interact with the data to observe and detect issues. Data Explorer provides an array of tools to clean, align and interpolate, and enrich data with known concepts, and identify observable lags or helpful time-shifts in the data. An informed user can then identify useful correlations to detect new process/system influences and causes.

FactoryTalk Analytics Real-Time Optimization

FactoryTalk Analytics Real-Time Optimization (RTO) software enables process operators to consider cost to drive optimal utility equipment dispatch to support intelligent make/buy, generation and loading decisions. Energy savings on the order of 10-30 percent are typical from dispatch optimization on parallel centralized utility equipment.

RTO provides predictive optimization by modeling process behavior and applying automatic control based on defined variables and constraints within the system. Based on actual operating data, the RTO application understands the relationships between equipment selection, loading and energy costs and self-maintains mathematical algorithms to predict accurate outcomes before actual events.

FactoryTalk Analytics Edge Version 2.2

To improve decision-making, you need to gather insights as closely as possible to devices, data and those who consume them. That is when the smallest of decisions make the biggest impact on process, time and material management. FactoryTalk Analytics Edge provides data capture, transformation and analytical capabilities, including predictive machine learning, right on the edge.

Quickly assemble and organize your plant-floor data for analysis. Locate and correct sources of inefficiencies quickly to control manufacturing yield, overall equipment effectiveness and other factors that matter to your business outcome.

ThinManager Software Helps Build The Connected Enterprise

ThinManager thin client software helps manage information and streamline workflows for a more connected manufacturing environment. It allows centralized configuration and management of deliverable content to any combination of user, device or location. 

The latest version continues to improve visualization, security and usability by offering several new features that enhance the end-user experience and increases the security of accessed content managed by the platform. With the feature of facial recognition technology, this adds as an additional authentication method for ThinManager users.

In addition, users can activate ThinManager using the traditional method or take advantage of FactoryTalk ActivationFactoryTalk View SE users only need one client license to deliver as many sessions to a single terminal. This increases support and licensing improvements between ThinManager and FactoryTalk View SE solutions which saves our customers more time and simplifies the licensing requirements for building The Connected Enterprise.

With enhanced localization to increase usability of the platform for customers in non-English speaking regions around the globe and MultiMonitor enhancements to support up to seven monitors on a single terminal – ThinManager software version 11 easily scales to expand your digitalization efforts across multiple facilities.

Latest FactoryTalk AssetCentre Improves Productivity, Quality and Security

Today’s industrial environments are becoming increasingly automated and connected. With the hundreds or thousands of industrial assets in an IIoT world, there is a growing need to maintain, protect and report on the automation assets in a Connected Enterprise.

FactoryTalk AssetCentre provides you with a centralized tool to secure, manage, version, track and report automation-related asset information across your entire facility. The latest release includes an update with IPSec adoption that supports encrypted communications, and FactoryTalk Linx integration that enhances disaster recovery.

Now, you can create schedules to back up the infrastructure of your equipment with Stratix fully managed switches. Additionally, with extended third-party asset support, customers can script solutions for third-party software to execute disaster recovery remotely. With asset extended properties, you can add up to 20 custom description fields to your assets.

Downtime can be costly. FactoryTalk AssetCentre supports native disaster recovery of FactoryTalk View SE software distributed assets, allowing for version management and backup scheduling of FactoryTalk View SE software network applications.

The FactoryTalk AssetCentre v9 release is focused on improving productivity, quality and the security of your automation systems.

To support additional lifecycle content, FactoryTalk AssetCentre now includes I/O for the PLC, SLC, MicroLogix, CompactLogix and ControlLogix controllers.

Pavilion8 Software Release Includes New Tools and a Modern User Experience

The Pavilion8 Model Predictive Control software provides the tools to improve the agility of your operation, giving you the capability to more quickly adapt to changing business priorities and customer demands. Leveraging a powerful modeling engine, Pavilion8 software includes modules to control, analyze, monitor, visualize, warehouse, integrate and combine them into high-value applications.

Pavilion8 Model Predictive Control (MPC) version 5.16 is the latest release of the Rockwell Automation advanced process control solution that includes the next major migration of legacy tools into a modern Windows user experience.

A major part of the original Pavilion technology platform – dataset preprocessing to merge, clean up, enrich and prepare for modelling – is now integrated with the already migrated MPC and Software Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) tools into one platform with a common user interface, SolutionBuilder.

A new toolset to support, track and enhance Console reliability is an independent performance monitoring application in the latest update. Users can also track and identify the major system resource consumers and isolate issues by trends and averages of usage.

System security was improved with release version 5.15, but we remain on a planned path of enhancements, because software security is a high priority with our customers and Rockwell Automation. Pavilion8 version 5.16 is the best-in-class secure software for model predictive control and environmental solutions.

Pavilion8 software is designed to meet the most demanding needs of today's process manufacturers and addresses industries as diverse as polyethylene, cement, ethanol, milk powder, and paper.

IntelliCENTER System Configuration for EtherNet/IP Motor Control Centers

As customers journey towards a Connected Enterprise, there is an increased need for smart motor control solutions that can improve productivity and reduce downtime. IntelliCENTER Ethernet/IP Motor Control Centers (MCCs) are a key component of The Connected Enterprise.

MCCs help provide a safer and more reliable and robust package for a networked system of intelligent components. IntelliCENTER technology enhances the intelligence of the MCC by using built-in networking to capture information that can be used for predictive maintenance, process monitoring, and advanced diagnostics.

To help customers reduce commissioning time and improve productivity, Rockwell Automation has released the IntelliCENTER System Configuration system for EtherNet/IP MCCs. This validated and tested network system now confirms that all intelligent devices have up-to-date firmware, thus simplifying the commissioning effort during installation and startup.

In addition, EtherNet/IP MCCs can be delivered with custom parameter configurations on end devices, reducing application integration time. All of this is delivered with best-in-class lead times due to automated innovations in our manufacturing facilities.

Rockwell Automation Introduces The Connected Mine

Automation and Control Systems for Mining, Metals, and Cement Production

Mining companies benefit from improved visibility of processes, equipment performance and supply chain for smarter business decisions

Like many cyclical industries, mining is reviving, driven by steady global economic growth and an increasing demand for materials to support new technologies like electric vehicles, renewable energy and mobile devices. Despite the optimism, the industry still faces major operational challenges including process efficiencies, cost control, worker health and safety and skills gaps.

To address these challenges, Rockwell Automation introduced The Connected Mine, leveraging the latest enabling and digital technologies.

Utilizing advanced analytics, The Connected Mine helps mining companies collect and aggregate data to gain end-to-end visibility into their operations and make informed business decisions to improve mining operations.

“One mining company improved production at a mine site by almost 15 percent by implementing a simulator that provides operators real-time recovery targets that are automatically updated based on ever-changing feed grades,” says Fabio Mielli, market development manager, Rockwell Automation. “The Connected Mine concept provides our global mining customers with the digital infrastructure needed to tap into exciting new technologies for optimized operations.”

Rockwell Automation has combined expertise in motor control, process, power and energy management, and information solutions to deliver specific and powerful solutions that address the most critical mining operational challenges.

The Connected Mine from Rockwell Automation is built on application expertise, alliances with best-in-class system integrators, equipment manufacturers and technology providers with strong execution capabilities.

Rockwell Automation Expands TotalFORCE Capabilities and Power Range for PowerFlex 755T Drives

Drives now available for 10 to 6,000 horsepower applications

The PowerFlex 755T family of AC drives has expanded!

Rockwell Automation has expanded the power ranges and capabilities of TotalFORCE technology for its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T AC drives. The drives now offer an expanded power range, helping engineers with applications from 10 to 6,000 horsepower (7.5 to 4,500 kW) improve productivity and reduce their lifecycle costs. The expansion brings harmonic mitigation, regeneration and common bus-system configurations to a wider range of high-demand applications.

Enhancements to the patented TotalFORCE technology include more powerful adaptive control capabilities, which allow the drives to monitor machine characteristics that can change over time and automatically compensate for the changes that occur. An adaptive tuning feature uses up to four automatic tracking notch filters to block resonance and vibration that can impact quality, waste energy and prematurely wear out a machine.

In addition, predictive maintenance features provide real-time information about the health of the drive. By monitoring operational characteristics such as temperature, voltage and current, the drive is able to calculate the remaining life of critical components and notify users. This allows users to act so unplanned downtime can be prevented.

“TotalFORCE technology enables PowerFlex 755T drive users to take a proactive approach in improving machine uptime. The drives can deliver information about the status of an application to the control system, which can be critical for reducing downtime and increasing productivity,” said Brad Arenz, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “The drives’ ability to be self-aware also enhances reliability and simplifies service.”

Other new capabilities include an integrated safety module that delivers several advanced safety functions on an EtherNet/IP network, an anti-sway feature that helps lifting applications achieve greater stability and permanent magnet motor control for increased energy savings.

Combined, these new TotalFORCE technology capabilities help reduce time to commission, optimize performance and enable simplified maintenance and serviceability throughout the full lifecycle of PowerFlex 755T drives for a broad range of applications.

The new ArmorView Plus 7 Graphic Terminal offers space and cost savings

ArmorView Plus 7 Graphic Terminal

The new ArmorView Plus 7 Graphic Terminal is a fully enclosed panel available in 12.1” size and features IP66 protection enabling a low-cost cabinet free HMI solution. It offers convenience features, including a space and cost saving design that makes an additional enclosure unnecessary, separate push buttons and low installation overhead.

This HMI is easily connected, and Ethernet I/O communication minimizes wiring. The ArmorView Plus 7 Graphic Terminal offers options to increase flexibility, such as buttons and switches that can be individually customized to meet the needs of each machine, and orientation mount options from either a swing arm, pedestal or fixed surface.

Rockwell Automation Introduces First Industrial Control Devices to Support CIP Security

CIP Security protects critical communications in a Connected Enterprise

Security Solutions from Plant to Enterprise

As industrial companies use digital transformation to improve productivity and profitability, they must also address its inherent security risks. CIP Security was created to help protect critical industrial communications as part of a defense-in-depth security strategy. Now, Rockwell Automation is introducing the first industrial control products on the market that allow companies to deploy CIP Security in their operations.

ODVA, a global association of the world’s leading automation companies, developed CIP Security. It is an extension to the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), which is the application-layer protocol for EtherNet/IP. CIP Security is the first industrial automation protocol to support transport layer security (TLS), the most proven security standard in widespread use on the World Wide Web today.

“CIP Security can protect devices and systems that use EtherNet/IP from some of the top risks in connected operations, such as unauthorized PCs,” said Tony Baker, portfolio manager, security, for Rockwell Automation. “It does this in a few key ways. First, it limits device connectivity to only trusted PCs and devices. It also guards against packet tampering to protect data integrity. Finally, it encrypts communications to avert unwanted data reading and disclosure.”

Engineers will be able to implement CIP Security in their systems through new Rockwell Automation products and firmware updates to existing products such as Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers, communication modules and Kinetix servo drives.

In addition, the newly enhanced FactoryTalk Linx communications software allows FactoryTalk visualization and information software running on a PC to communicate to CIP Security-enabled devices. The new FactoryTalk Policy Manager tool within the FactoryTalk software suite is used to implement and configure security policies between CIP Security-enabled devices.

Rockwell Automation developed this new capability to work with existing industrial control devices regardless of whether or not they were designed to support CIP Security. This allows industrial users to phase in security over time and retrofit existing installations.

In addition, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 controllers will soon be certified compliant with the IEC 62443-4-2 security standard, building on the IEC 62443-4-1 certification that the Rockwell Automation Security Development Lifecycle has already received.

This latest certification means the controllers will meet the global standard’s robust cybersecurity requirements to help companies secure their connected operations. The ControlLogix 5580 family of controllers is one of the first platforms on the market to achieve this compliance.

FLEX 5000 I/O Adaptors with Enhanced Communication Support and Greater Flexibility

The next generation FLEX 5000 I/O has excellent reliability and provides a flexible I/O solution in a Connected Enterprise. Hardened for applications in extreme requirements, FLEX 5000 I/O modules have the ability to operate in extremely cold arctic environments through to mines in extreme heat (-40 C to 70 C).

The new FLEX 5000 I/O SFP Adaptors deliver enhanced communication with 1 GB EtherNet/IP connectivity, which offers higher speed and increased bandwidth for improved real time operations. To provide flexibility in your network architecture, these adaptors include support for both copper and fiber-optic media, reducing the need for additional media converters. In addition, the SFP adaptors are available in both extreme (XT) and non-XT variants.

Designed for The Connected Enterprise, the Flex 5000 I/O modules help both OEMs and process operations benefit from increased productivity and security. Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) and Device Level Ring (DLR) support for high-availability in Ethernet networks are available as firmware update for all Ethernet adapters. This provides highly reliable and highly available communication networks with zero recovery time for data transmission.

As part of offering the automation and safety functionality in one I/O solution, the discrete safety I/O are introduced with SIL 3, cat. 4, PLe rating and designed to fit into the standard FLEX 5000 I/O system. Apart from the 16-point discrete input and output modules, the release also includes a 4-channel relay output module.


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