Products and Solutions from Rockwell Automation

Products and Solutions from Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Saves Costs, Simplifies Sizing with New Servo System

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5100 servo drive can run without a controller to meet a range of performance needs

The growing consumer desire for more product variety and packaging sizes is creating a need for smaller, more flexible machines. To provide a more cost-effective option for OEMs building smaller machines, Rockwell Automation is introducing a new Kinetix 5100 servo drive, Kinetix TLP motor and cable that can function as a system without a controller.

The new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5100 servo drive has multiple control modes available to support a wider range of high-speed, low-power motion control applications. The drive can be used with a Micro800 controller, a Logix controller or even by itself, allowing OEMs to choose how the product best functions in their applications.

“The Kinetix 5100 servo system works especially well for small- to mid-sized packaging machines that need cost-effective servo control,” said Simon Wong, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “Bundling the drive, motor and cable together creates more competitive system pricing. And the ability for OEMs to select the products based on a machine’s power ratings can save time and effort – and help them get to market faster. This approach and product portfolio positions Rockwell Automation to accelerate our growth in China and emerging markets.”

The Kinetix 5100 servo system can also help OEMs make customers more productive. With the explosion of SKUs, manufacturers are faced with multiple changeovers, which are often a manual process. Using the Kinetix 5100 servo drive, OEMs can create a motorized, or automated, system that can help speed up changeovers.

Additionally, with built-in safe torque off, users can remove motor torque without removing power from an entire machine, allowing a machine to restart faster after it has reached a safe state. Dual-port EtherNet/IP also supports device-level ring topologies.

The Kinetix 5100 servo drive provides an easy migration option for users of the Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 digital servo drive. That system will soon be phased out in favor of the Kinetix 5100 servo drive.

Terminal Block Relays for Hazardous Applications

The new Allen-Bradley Bulletin 700-HL Terminal Block Relays have been designed to meet the stringent requirements of hazardous location applications while maintaining the functionality of the existing 700-HL family of relays. These relays are available with hazardous location certification and offer 1-pole (6 A) and 2-pole (10 A) versions.

Designed to work in a variety of high-density isolation and interposing applications. The thin per-pole interface (6.2 mm wide) and quick connections help reduce installation costs and saves panel space. Optional leakage current suppression circuit design addresses nuisance coil turn-on or contact non-drop-out concerns for TRIAC controller outputs. The spring-clamp terminal base option is ideal for applications that are subject to vibration.

The new Bulletin 700-HL Terminal Block Relays provide standard status indicator, reverse polarity protection, and surge protection making them suitable for a variety of hazardous location applications.

Safety Relay with Improved Flexibility and Functionality

The Guardmaster 440C-CR50ER Software Configurable Safety Relay is the latest addition to the Guardmaster family, supporting up to 45 dual channel input circuits and up to sixteen safety output zones. Featuring flexible configuration, the 440C-CR50ER allows you to re-engineer and rapidly integrate your application while saving the high costs of rewiring. The innovative safety logic editor reduces the effort to create safety functions and minimizes the wiring effort.

The Guardmaster 440C-CR50ER Safety Relay has an embedded dual EtherNet/IP port for direct diagnostic communications to PLC, PanelView or Micro800 controllers. It also optimizes panel space with 30 Safety I/O in a compact 155mm wide housing. It offers expansion by up to 24 standard I/O using front mounted plug-in slots that allow you to maintain the 110mm horizontal footprint and expand up to 64 Safety I/O with 130mm. Featuring Multiple Multipurpose Safety Terminals and four high current safety outputs – the Guardmaster 440C-CR50ER safety relay provides a flexible solution for applications requiring multiple safety zones.

Part of the Connected Components Workbench bundle, the latest Guardmaster safety relay allows you to create, control and monitor your safety system in the same software environment as standard control. By leveraging the features of Connected Components Workbench software and the embedded communication capabilities of the Guardmaster 440C-CR50ER Safety Relay, users can monitor, troubleshoot and modify their applications quickly and easily for increased uptime.

Bulletin 1492 Push-In Terminal Blocks

The Allen-Bradley Push-in Terminal Blocks improve wiring efficiency and connection reliability. They are available in a wide range of IEC block types that include innovative control power distribution blocks, as well as two-, three- and four-circuit sensor blocks.

The latest Bulletin 1492 Push-In Terminal Blocks reduce wiring time by at least 50 percent and eliminate pre/post-connection adjustment. In addition, these terminal blocks eliminate maintenance requirements for end users.

This innovative push-in connection technology offers dramatic time savings by creating wiring efficiency. The 1492 Push-In terminal blocks provide improved wiring accuracy and reliability insuring a quality connection that requires no double checking.

All wire types are approved including solid (direct insertion), ferrule (direct insertion) and stranded (press actuator to open clamp). Featuring plastic actuators for shock prevention, the Bulletin 1492 Push-In Terminal Blocks enhance safety and productivity.

Bulletin 1492 Push-in terminal blocks offer panel builders, OEMs, and other high-volume users cost-savings—not only in the form of increased wiring speed, but also through eliminating connection adjustments and torque-checking of screws. They are available in a wide range of standard and application specific offerings, including a unique control power distribution terminal block.

Strengthening Industrial Control System Security

Communications between industrial control devices have minimal protection today. This leaves them vulnerable to threats like malicious tampering and incidental system changes that can stop production or injure workers. New solutions from Rockwell Automation deliver built-in security based on globally accepted security standards to protect control-level communications and overall system integrity.

“As the world’s leading company focused on combining industrial automation with digital technology, we’re uniquely positioned to help close security gaps in connected operations,” said Megan Samford, director of product security, Rockwell Automation. “Our new offerings with built-in security deliver the industry’s best available protection of control-level traffic. This can give users confidence that the integrity of their systems and their device-to-device communications are protected from day one.”

The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix EtherNet/IP communication module is among the first industrial devices to use the CIP Security protocol from ODVA. The protocol helps make sure only authorized devices are connected in industrial operations. It also helps prevent tampering or interference with communications between those devices. CIP Security is the first industrial automation protocol to support transport layer security (TLS), the most proven security standard available.

The ControlLogix 1756-EN Ethernet Communications Module provides a full range of digital, diagnostic digital, analog, motion control, specialty I/O, and compute modules to meet a wide range of application requirements. Using the CIP Security Protocol, the latest ControlLogix modules offer 10M/100M/1Gigabit speeds and integrated motion with 256 position loops. It also has a SD card for firmware, configuration and fault logs.

Also, the newly enhanced Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 controller is the world’s first controller to be certified compliant with today’s most robust control system security standard, IEC 62443-4-2. The standard defines the technical security requirements for industrial automation and control system components. This certification builds on the 2018 certification of the Rockwell Automation Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) to the IEC 62443-4-1 standard.

Distributed I/O for Safety Systems

The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1791DS and 1791ES CompactBlock Guard Safety I/O modules provide the advantages of distributed I/O for safety systems. These modules work with safety controllers that communicate on DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP networks using CIP Safety and supports Device Level Ring (DLR), Star, or Linear topologies.

Optimized to work with GuardPLC, GuardLogix, and SmartGuard controllers, the latest CompactBlock Guard I/O modules feature an easy snap-on installation. The single channel modules meet up to SIL 2 PLd, and dual channel up to SIL 3 PLe safety integrity levels. In addition, they are DIN rail mounted with removable terminal blocks for I/O and power.

Meeting a range of needs from machine and equipment to large process systems, the latest CompactBlock Guard I/O modules enable smarter machines for use in The Connected Enterprise.

Distributed I/O for Hazardous Areas

The Allen-Bradley 1718 Ex I/O is the intrinsically safe distributed I/O platform built for Zone 1 hazardous areas, when placed in certified enclosures. The compact, chassis-based I/O platform allows applications to connect to field devices directly via EtherNet/IP in Zone 0 and Zone 1, which improves efficiency and reduces the need for additional hardware and wiring.

Tight integration with the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture allows for easy configuration. Power supply contained on the chassis provides maximum efficiency in small space.  The 1718 Ex I/O is suitable for applications in industries such as Chemical, Food and Beverage, Process industries and more.

FactoryTalk Linx extends the reach of The Connected Enterprise

As devices are getting smarter, so is the software that moves that device data. Technology advancements in connectivity software have made accessing and transporting data easier than ever before.

Formerly known as RSLinx Enterprise, FactoryTalk Linx is included with most FactoryTalk software and functions as the premier data server to deliver information from Allen-Bradley control products to the control system. While FactoryTalk Linx interfaces with PLC-5, SLC 500 and Micro800 controllers, it is optimized to communicate with Logix 5000 controllers using EtherNet/IP.

The latest version of FactoryTalk Linx with Windows 10 Compatibility has the ability to establish secure encrypted communications with FactoryTalk Policy Manager using CIP security.

This gives the fastest data rates and capacity possible, while minimizing the impact on your automation networks and control system operation. FactoryTalk Linx delivers a solution from small applications running on a single computer with a single controller, to large distributed and even redundant data server configurations communicating with large automation systems.

Studio 5000 View Designer

Studio 5000 View Designer is the design environment for the PanelView 5000 family of operator terminals. The integration of the PanelView 5000 with Studio 5000 View Designer helps you build modern applications more easily and improve operator performance with an intuitive design environment.

In the latest software update, data can be logged from a PanelView 5000 graphic terminal on a SD card directly from the panel for easier troubleshooting.  Historical data can be shown on a trend or can be exported to csv files for evaluation. In addition, View Designer projects can now be saved as a runtime file that can be copied to a USB flash drive or an SD card and inserted into the PanelView 5000 terminal – allowing runtime file to be deployed directly at the terminal.

Studio 5000 View Designer features scalable vector graphics with built in animations and behavior helping you to quickly create modern powerful screens with ease. It also has highly flexible animation configuration, providing a more efficient design without the need for complicated programmatic development.

With enhanced integration with Logix, View Designer provides the ability to automatically share tags, alarms, and other data to reduce engineering and design time. In addition, emulation capabilities allow you to test run a project in the designer without downloading to a physical device.

Additional usability features include the PDF Viewer which allows operators to quickly access documentation about the process or machine for operating procedures, troubleshooting and maintenance. Furthermore, a built in VNC server enables users to remotely monitor HMI screens or troubleshoot to improve uptime.

New Encoder Supports CIP Safety

Encoders can electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft. They provide position control in packaging, robotics, pick and place, lead/ball screw, rotary table positioning and component insertion applications.

The latest addition to the Allen-Bradley Encoder family, the 843ES CIP Safety Encoder, is the first encoder on the market that supports CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP. It is SIL 3/PLe capable and is a great solution to any application requiring raw position and velocity values as part of the safety task or where SIL 3/PLe is needed on an axis or load.

Features of the 843ES CIP Safety Encoder include a rugged IP67 housing, standard 18 bit single-turn resolution (15 bits in safety resolution) and 1ms RPI in standard connections (6ms RPI in safety connection). Additional features to support Integrated Architecture systems include ControlFlash software, Studio 5000 Add On Profile (v31 and later) and two Ethernet ports to support DLR.

ArmorView Plus 7 On-Machine Graphic Terminal

The new Allen-Bradley ArmorView Plus 7 graphic terminal from Rockwell Automation is a perfect solution for industrial producers that want to deploy machine-mounted HMIs.

The fully enclosed graphic terminal is a pre-packaged solution that can be ordered with integrated I/O and push buttons. Users can save up to 20% in component and labor costs compared to do-it-yourself solutions that need to be engineered and assembled in-house.

Whether an on-machine, cabinet-free HMI is being deployed to save space on the shop floor or to help operators work better by having line of sight from the HMI to the machine, the ArmorView Plus 7 graphic terminal provides mounting options to meet users’ needs. It can be attached in a wide range of orientations to a swing arm, pedestal or fixed surface. And it uses Ethernet I/O communication to minimize wiring.

The graphic terminal itself consists of a 12.1-inch PanelView Plus 7 Performance terminal (with FactoryTalk Machine Edition software installed) and enclosed in an IP66 rated cast-aluminum enclosure. This provides ingress protection against dust and high-volume pressurized water.

The AmorView Plus 7 graphic terminal is available in several configurations, allowing push buttons and multi-position selector switches on the terminal to be customized to each user’s needs. The ability to mount add-on Allen-Bradley stack lights is also included.

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