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New Products for Safety and Security

Key Areas for Managing Industrial Risk

Industrial organizations around the world struggle to manage risk. Incidents such as product recalls, data breaches and worker injuries have immediate consequences and can impact customers, employees, intellectual property and revenue. Risk management should be focused on where problems originate. In many cases, that is within the automation infrastructure. For managing risk at its source, Rockwell Automation outlines four key areas, including:

  • Equipment Obsolescence: Modernizing production systems can play a major role in minimizing downtime and improving quality, safety and security.
  • Quality: Harnessing the power of existing operational data can improve quality management and help drive adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Safety: Addressing safety in crucial areas of culture, compliance and capital helps reduce the number of safety incidents and improve operational performance.
  • Security: Embracing end-to-end security across facilities and enterprises helps to protect people, intellectual property and physical assets.

Rockwell Automation views enterprise risk management as a continuous cycle of improvement that includes assessments, technology and infrastructure, and believes that, by addressing risk in these key areas, companies can effectively manage brand-critical safety, quality, security and obsolescence challenges at their source.

Best Practices for Comprehensive Industrial Security

Rockwell Automation develops a three-step approach for building an industrial security program that extends from the enterprise to the plant level, and helps mitigate risk across people, processes and technology. The three steps take into account the connections between network security, as well as the physical security and safety in industrial areas. They include:

  •  Security assessment: Conduct a facility-wide assessment to understand risk areas and potential threats
  •  Defense-in-depth security: Deploy a multilayered security approach that establishes multiple tiers of defense
  •  Trusted vendors: Verify that your automation vendors follow core security principles when designing their products

For industrial organizations, security threats will continue to evolve. To keep pace, Rockwell Automation suggests that a holistic security program should evolve with and stay ahead of the changing threat landscape. By following the key approach, organizations can establish a program that can help protect intellectual property, facilities, assets, employees and competitive advantages into the future.

Allen-Bradley ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controllers

For Light and Heavy Industrial Application Needs

Allen-Bradley ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controllers are a cost-effective, simple solution to on-machine architecture; they can help reduce labor costs up to 30 percent and decrease wiring up to 20 percent with quick disconnect features.

  • Offer EtherNet/IP™ or DeviceNet™ communication capabilities
  • Allow the ability to choose factory installed options for specific applications
  • Suitable for group installations with high short circuit current rating
  • Ideal for automotive, material handling, and packaging applications.

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster® Lifeline™ 5 Safety Cable-pull switch

An Advanced Safety Cable-pull Switch on Market

The new Allen-Bradley Guardmaster® Lifeline™ 5 Safety Cable-pull switch is a microprocessor-based solution that brings advanced features and diagnostics that help enhance safety while improving productivity. This advanced switch on the market today simplifies setup and allows for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Designed for various applications from general material handling to harsh food and beverage environments.
  • Offers rugged stainless steel (IP69K) or die cast aluminum (IP66) housings with optional e-stop button
  • Able to performing at the highest safety ratings (TÜV certified to Ple, Cat 4, SIL 3), even when connected in series.

Its outstanding features help optimize productivity by combining maximum reliability with diagnostics that can help the user address potential issues before they lead to unplanned downtime.

Online SMI Offers Insights Into Performance for Machine Builders

The Safety Maturity Index™ (SMI) Assessment Tool developed by Rockwell Automation helps OEMs to benchmark a company’s attributes, which are in the critical three Cs of safety maturity – Culture, Compliance, and Capital, shown to contribute to a machine builder’s ability to design, develop and deliver machines that are safer and more productive. It allows OEMs to check and evaluate their performance levels of the four categories: minimizing costs, legal compliance, operator safety and customer value.

Responses will be compared against those of other machinery OEMs, and then users can sort the Assessment Tool database to benchmark against OEMs most like their own.

The detailed SMI assessment score provides insight into a company’s strengths and weaknesses in OEM safety maturity, and encourages improvements to help increase the value of machines to customers and reduce liability. And as product-development practices change over time, users can return to the tool and update their most recent submission, creating new, current comparisons. Safety Maturity Assessment Tool for machinery OEMs is now available online.

The Allen-Bradley® GuardShield™ 450L-B Safety Light Curtain system.

Next Generation Safety Light Curtains

Allen-Bradley® GuardShield™ 450L-B Safety Light Curtain system features a patented technology which allows each transceiver to be used as a transmitter or receiver via an innovative plug-in module.

  • Allows each transceiver to be used either as a transmitter or receiver via an innovative plug-in module
  • Features an active protective field that senses over the entire length of a transceiver
  • Offers in a wide range of protective heights from 150 to 1950 mm in increments of 150 mm
  • Ideal for hand and finger detection

Such advanced technology greatly reduces stock and provides a flexible, cost-effective safety solution.

The Allen-Bradley Stratix® 2500 Lightly Managed Switch

Configurable Switch: Productivity and Reliability

Allen-Bradley Stratix® 2500 Lightly Managed Switch provides the security, resiliency, segmentation and bandwidth-optimization benefits of a managed switch without the need for extensive configuration. It exceeds the capabilities of a traditional unmanaged switch by monitoring and optimizing traffic flow and providing diagnostic information to help minimize downtime.

  • Enables network link redundancy and fast link recover with STP
  • Provides secure connectivity with SSH and HTTPS
  • Secures networks using Port Security to disable ports, or control end device connectivity based on MAC address
  • Supports up to 64 VLANS for logical segmentation

It can prioritize critical industrial network traffic and also can be configured for application-specific needs. Manufacturers can use its flexibility to futureproof their operations by deploying the switch out of the box today and scaling it up to a lightly managed switch as their needs evolve.

ArmorBlock Guard I/O modules.

Easy Mount Modules Saves Time and Cost

Available in an IP67-rated packaged for EtherNet/IP, the 1732 ArmorBlock® Guard I/O™ modules provide all the advantages of traditional distributed I/O for safety systems, and they are ready to mount directly on machines.

  • Available in bipolar and sourcing safety output configurations
  • Include dual Ethernet ports for Linear and Device Level Ring topologies
  • Support multi-cast and unicast for user flexibility
  • Provide standardized M12 connectors to wire field devices

ArmorBlock Guard I/O modules are best-suited for automotive, material handling and packaging applications or for machinery applications where diagnostics and local control are not needed. They also work in conjunction with Integrated Architecture® Builder, a graphical tool designed to help in the configuration and quoting of Logix control systems.

Efficient Batch Control for More Comprehensive Operations

New version of FactoryTalk® Batch allows manufacturers to apply one faster and more reliable control and information system across the process to improve capacity and product quality, save energy and raw materials, and reduce process variations and human intervention. It enables developing modern batch control strategies by supporting flexible production capabilities and standardized company procedures while accelerating product and process development.

FactoryTalk Batch v13 is a complete batch automation environment giving companies the ability to meet the broadest suite of batch applications. It supports integration with smart instruments and devices as well as equipment allocation and arbitration to more effectively manage batch assignments, along with the production history, material tracking and reporting functions. Manufacturers can flexibly yet securely access the system and automatically create and manage recipes and execute them while reducing the time needed for validating and commissioning. After simulating the entire batch process, electronic batch data can be collected to generate detailed reports for compliance or process and safety improvement.

Moreover, FactoryTalk Batch promotes responsive interactions between server and controller-based batch architectures. This allows for reliable and responsive step changes closer to the process to be sure that tight control parameters can be achieved.

Not only to proactively assign equipment to help maximize asset utilization and increase production, with FactoryTalk Batch, manufacturers can use batch capabilities within the controller, or to integrate them with the plant-wide batch management system, depending on the complexity of equipment and material.

5069 Compact I/O™ modules

Boost Productivity with Compact I/O Modules

The 5069 Compact I/O modules provide high-performance control in a compact design, and expand the performance capabilities of the Logix platform.

  • Ideal on an EtherNet/IP™ network for CompactLogix™ 5380 and ControlLogix® 5580 controllers.
  • Support up to 31 local I/O modules to meet a variety of needs
  • Allow easy customization for applications demanding high performance and speed.
  • Excellent for applications with high-processing requirements as its high-speed backplane provides faster transfer rates

Its power supply is integrated to reduce power termination to I/O modules while its access door grants easy yet secured access to the SD card and reset button.

New Option Module Simplifies Machines Design

Rockwell Automation has introduced a networked safe torque off option module, integrating safety into a control system over EtherNet/IP network. While reducing wiring and equipment redundancies associated with hardwired safety systems, it also provides access to real-time data that can help customers improve application productivity.

The safety option, which is designed for the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex® 755 and PowerFlex 755T AC drives, helps protect personnel and equipment by removing rotational power from the motor without removing power from the drive. Such functionality allows a quick restart after a demand on the safety system.

Compatible with both Allen-Bradley GuardLogix® and Compact GuardLogix controllers, the option module allows customers to leverage one IP address for the safety and control functions, reducing the number of ports required.

Appropriate for a wide variety of applications requiring safety, the new safe torque off option module is well-suited for almost any industry.

Allen‑Bradley Kinetix® VPC servo motors.

Servo Motor Improves Machine Throughput

The new line of AllenBradley Kinetix® VPC servo motors from Rockwell Automation allow manufacturers to run machines at higher speeds and higher torque, significantly improving machine performance.

  • Provides high continuous torque at high speeds over long periods of time
  • Provides real-time motor performance information to the control system via digital feedback device
  • Uses larger, more robust bearings to improve L10 bearing life by up to 60 percent
  • Optimized to match drive ratings for efficient system sizing

The new motor line meets or exceeds IE4 efficiency ratings, which can save energy costs compared to using an IE3 or lower-rated motor. When used with the Kinetix 5700 servo drive, the servo motor can also help manufacturers use less current than with larger, more energy-intensive motor and drive solutions.

Updated Serialization Solution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Built on the latest Rockwell Software PharmaSuite® manufacturing execution system (MES) software, the updated serialization solution is scalable to adapt to a wide variety of packaging-line technologies and production-management systems.

Easy integration across control and enterprise levels means the solution provides a centralized platform for managing serialization data and facilitates product traceability across the entire supply chain.

A new Logix-based unit controller with FactoryTalk® View HMIs from Rockwell Automation enables scalability, allowing the company to apply this solution to a variety of delivery models – from full, turnkey solutions to retrofit and OEM solutions – to meet the needs of virtually any customer.

The unit controller acts as the connection point between each production line and various system devices. Beyond providing serialization, the solution helps manufacturers improve troubleshooting and proactive maintenance by providing direct visibility into the full, end-to-end process – production through distribution.

Smart Motor Controllers™ are soft starters that are designed to help minimize cost by reducing overall system power requirements.

Smart Motor Controllers Prolong System Life

Enclosed Smart Motor Controllers, SMC™-3, SMC™ Flex and SMC™-50 soft starters minimize mechanical wear that results from full-voltage starting, enabling longer starting.

  • Available as non-combination, combination fusible disconnect or combination circuit breaker
  • Offer snap-together wiring technology for faster, easier installation
  • Prolong system life and lowers line disturbances, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

They can be fully customized with any selection of a wide variety of factory-installed options, and are pre-engineered for quick factory lead times. With industry-leading customization, available options, and functionality, the Enclosed SMC-3, SMC Flex and SMC-50 soft starters are a clear-cut choice for diverse and specialized applications.

HMI software Creates Smarter Manufacturing

The latest version of FactoryTalk View software from Rockwell Automation improves the operator’s experience with valuable, data-driven information while delivering improved design-time productivity via tighter integration with the control system.

As part of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture platform, and taking advantage of its portfolio, FactoryTalk View v9.0 software builds on the ability to directly connect with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix tags. New tag-extended properties mitigate the need for redundant engineering work. Now developers can have direct access to tag descriptions, engineering units and min/max settings.

This leaves less room for duplication errors and streamlines the design process. Additionally, they enable simplified language switching. Instead of requiring a developer to program language strings within the HMI, translated content can now be directly accessed from the controller, further saving design time.

While providing a secure interface through a Web browser, FactoryTalk View v9.0 has extended the application access to user’s mobile devices for enhancing visualization of real-time data and improving real-time decision making.

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