It is Time to Rethink Safety and Security

It is time to Rethink Safety and Security

In this era of smart manufacturing, a strong focus on promoting innovation and productivity too often leads to safety and security being overlooked.

Within the plant, we protect our employees and equipment; beyond the plant, we need to take responsibility to safeguard the environment, as well as critical infrastructures and supplies on which people depend.

With increasing digitalization, Rockwell Automation understands that the first step to building a successful manufacturing safety and security strategy is to get a thorough understanding of the company’s culture.

Therefore, we have developed a Safety Maturity Index™ tool to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) evaluate their performance in different areas and provide measurements to see where they succeed and what can still be optimized. With the results, OEMs can determine the scope of their safety and security program and set the best standards for building up defense mechanisms with the best appropriate set of tools.

New standards and advances in technology are required to improve safety and productivity. This is especially important now when skilled labor shortages and the growing skills gap have created greater worker safety challenges. Well-designed, contemporary safety systems – which integrate standards and safety control in one controller – will be needed to reduce OHS hazards and help mitigate any related security risks.

Remember that knowledge and technology are only part of the solution. A company-wide holistic approach that integrates safety and security considerations is the core and critical part of an effective strategy because it will guide you through a step-by-step journey that impacts every plant, every machine and every employee.                                                                                                            

After all, we know that the move to connected, information-enabled operations is transforming manufacturing. OEMs seeking ways to capitalize on remote connectivity are establishing a Connected Enterprise, which enables better collaboration, faster problem-solving, and improved innovation and productivity. Most importantly, it facilitates a smarter approach to safety and security.

Rockwell Automation is always ready to help OEMs and end users mitigate safety and security risks in connected operations, satisfy compliance requirements and improve productivity.

I invite you to review this issue of Automation Today Asia Pacific to learn more about the safety and security capabilities in technology, processes and people of Rockwell Automation – and how we can help you improve both safety and security to better protect your valued assets in a Connected Enterprise.

- Joseph Sousa, President, Asia Pacific Region, Rockwell Automation

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