It is Our Mission to Ease Your Path to Smart Manufacturing

Ease Your Path to Smart Manufacturing

In today’s business environment, everything moves faster, and as a result, we need to know what is happening right now.

Think about all the problems that could be happening at this moment: Service issues that impact customer experience, process problems that reduce operational efficiency and supply chain delays that impact revenue.

We need the information and the tools to make the right decisions in time, to make a difference when minutes and seconds count.

An MES provides the real-time visibility of all plant data so that scheduling and planning software can optimize it. With appropriate MES applications and tools, business data and factory data can build a meaningful relationship.

We realize that some OEMs are struggling with their legacy MES systems and applications that cannot communicate with each other, while some do not have large MES infrastructures, but need to improve areas from quality to yield to cost.

Therefore we embrace the essence of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement and continue to build out the scalable and application-specific MES solutions for our customers to take a modular approach to connecting enterprises.

A series of fit-for-purpose MES applications are developed to fill gaps between operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT). They can start at the machine, line or work-area level with a single module or with minimal infrastructure requirements and scale to an integrated MES solution as your strategy grows.

Regardless of where companies are in their journey to The Connected Enterprise, Rockwell Automation provides domain expertise to help OEMs manage production at each step, from planning and execution through optimization.

Manufacturing is moving into a new age. Quality and efficiency are improving as a result of capturing and using valuable data.

I invite you to review this issue of Automation Today Asia Pacific to learn more about the true benefits of turning machine data into operational intelligence and find out how to leverage scalable MES to increase speed to smart manufacturing.

— Joseph Sousa, president, Asia Pacific Region, Rockwell Automation

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