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It’s a New Start. We Start Smart

In the era of digital transformation, everything is interconnected.

In today's smart factories, smart equipment communicates with other equipment, smart machines control themselves, and processes are becoming increasingly agile.

However, the more complex industrial plants become, the more rigorous the requirements that are imposed on functional safety.

Therefore, safety systems must be just as smart as the production processes of the future. They use big data to control and optimize themselves and make it possible to more effectively utilize plant capacity and operate plants more profitably.

As the world-class provider of industrial safety automation, Rockwell Automation works with a growing number of industrial producers that have started on a smart manufacturing journey.

Through our innovation, experience, expertise, we are helping them use Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to realize the vision and benefits of The Connected Enterprise.

We believe that this year, the manufacturing industry is going to make steps toward the "smart factories." Perhaps the most significant technological shift we will see across the industry in 2018 is the increasing adoption of smart machines and equipment by manufacturers of varied size across the sector.

Rockwell Automation has prepared and developed a complete set of intelligent technologies and service for manufacturers to select and use as a journey starter.

By leveraging the smarter devices and tools and making safety a core function of their machines, those companies who are already on their way can even go further.

I invite you to review this issue of Automation Today Asia Pacific to learn how smart devices and components work in a Connected Enterprise and how they can improve safety, contributing to the success of your operations.

— Joseph Sousa, president, Asia Pacific Region, Rockwell Automation

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