Executive Message: We are Being Smarter and Better Connected

We are Being Smarter and Better Connected

In many manufacturing plants today, the level of connectivity is still not at high levels. There are islands of automation in many plants and a variety of supervisory systems, network protocols, on-legacy PCs and servers.

Simplifying all these and bringing them together into an integrated network structure based on flexible Ethernet technology is a key backbone to our strategy.

We believe that to ensure longevity, development and real commercial success, companies must keep up with emerging trends, tap into the mind of the consumer, understand new markets and utilize the talent and technology available.

The 26th Automation Fair® event held in November unveiled different levels of technology from Rockwell Automation, scalable for OEMs into the world of Internet of Things (IoT).

The primary focus of the event is that data should be everywhere, but not just pointless raw data — rather, data that has been analyzed and harnessed to benefit the user experience, providing process improvements and product efficiency.

The technologies that were showcased and demonstrated at the event have proved to the world that, while the IoT is unlocking new ways of gaining value and increasing productivity, we are ready to help you unleash potential of IIoT.

We are developing more and more solutions that would help enabling The Connected Enterprise for our partners and customers as well as building a set of connected services and products that will leverage data produced by The Connected Enterprise assets and deliver that data back to the customer in the form of insight.

I invite you to review this issue of Automation Today Asia Pacific to find out how Rockwell Automation combines innovation and expertise through our Connected Enterprise offerings, making users more competitive and profitable.

Gone are the days of rigid company values, antiquated systems, departmental silos and gaping digital skills gaps. Now is the time for global organizations to lead the way and invest in a well-rounded customized digital transformation to secure their place in the future.

The journey is long, but we will not stop. It is our goal to help you identify and overcome the challenges, and outline steps you can take today to get started on your journey towards a true Connected Enterprise.

We look forward to another Smart and productive year ahead, and wish you a Happy New Year.

Joseph Sousa, president, Asia Pacific Region, Rockwell Automation

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