Executive Message

Executive Message

The Factory of the Future

Today’s consumers expect more choices and they expect them to be tailored to their specific tastes or needs. Whether it’s choosing a low calorie version of your favorite treat, customising each feature you want built into your new car, or having your prescription medicines delivered to your door with a few clicks on your mobile phone – our own personalized expectations are driving manufacturers to produce more varieties, faster than ever before. But how can you get the flexibility you need without sacrificing your high quality standards or high levels of productivity?

Imagine a factory that leverages digital technologies to connect all of your systems to provide you with data and insights you can use to improve decision-making, performance and compliance. In the past this was just a vision for the future but now, this vision can become a reality.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) leverages the power of smart machines and real time analytics to provide insight into industrial processes that drive faster business decisions.

Whether you make cars, soap, beer, bread, vitamins, syringes or any of the other millions of goods that people consume every day – IIoT can help you meet the requirements for product personalization, safety standards and track and trace requirements. It improves the quality of our daily lives and helps drive productivity and profitability.

This issue of Automation Today focuses on how manufacturers and producers in consumer industries, including food and beverage, automotive, pharma and life sciences, and household and personal care, can embrace digitalization to transform your business so you can quickly respond to new and changing consumer demands.

It explores the latest technologies to help you Empower your Factory of the Future; reveals how the Future of Automotive Manufacturing is Electric; and looks at how Pharmaceutical Serialization Makes Sense for Product Tracking and Traceability.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Automation Today and that it helps you identify new and innovative ways to establish your factory of the future.

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