Executive Message

Executive Message

Changing Consumer Behavior: Technology Can Help

On a global scale, consumer needs and desires are shifting. Today’s health conscious consumers continually seek the new and the different, while prioritizing taste and nutritional value. As a food manufacturer, you need to get new, high-quality and high-variety products through your facility quickly while keeping prices low and food safer.

Manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to deliver mass customization of consumer packaged goods (CPGs). They are challenged to deliver future-proof designs that optimize changeover today – and ramp up rapidly for new SKUs not yet imagined. Increasingly personalized products and customized delivery are expected as standard, and producers and machine builders alike have to deliver.

Thankfully recent advances in automation technologies can help. For example, integrated robotics technology can bring a tremendous flexibility to designing and operating your machines. It can improve machine performance and reduce your maintenance costs while you enjoy manufacturing flexibility.

Manufacturers are craving a new level of productivity and flexibility so they no longer have to modify and retrofit their plants for each change in consumer behavior. Independent cart technology (ICT) answers the call for a better way to manage the high-mix and agile packaging needs of the future.

This issue of Automation Today delves into changing consumer behaviors and how these are impacting both CPG manufacturers and machine builders. It focuses on how advances in technology can help producers meet the rising consumer demand for specialized products.

It features top of mind industry topics including: Integrated Robotics and Advanced Motion Control; Packaging for the Future; and Made-to-Order Consumer Packaged Goods Made Easy. This issue also includes the latest products and technologies, customer case studies that demonstrate how we help customers address their application challenges and recent company news and events.  
I hope you enjoy this issue of Automation Today and that it reveals how there is a smarter way to meet your manufacturing needs of today and tomorrow. A timely message as we wind up 2019 and look to welcome the new year.

Wishing you a happy holiday and looking forward to a productive and prosperous 2020!

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