Continuous Manufacturing: Digitalization and Innovation for Food & Drugs Industries

Digital Innovation for Food and Drug Industries

Digital transformation is a global industrial trend that uses networking and smart technologies to integrate all processes – from sourcing and manufacturing to distribution.

We can see this today not just in the food and beverage industry, but also in pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods industries, which are complex and rapidly evolving. Markets and tastes are changing yet nourishing growth in these industries. Consumers are more connected, informed and outspoken. And competition is everywhere — from store brands and online food providers to an ever-growing number of specialty product makers.

For companies in these vital sectors looking to remain competitive, understanding how to maximize this golden chance to grow and develop their businesses and organizations through better plants, people, processes and tools will be crucial. Food and drugs producers, both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users, need operations and a workforce that can keep up.

Fortunately, smart manufacturing can help them do just that.

Smart manufacturing is connected, information-enabled manufacturing. It capitalizes on the latest technologies to re-define food and beverage operations. Rockwell Automation helps companies of all sizes build their Connected Enterprise and improve their manufacturing processes by allowing data from multiple plants and production lines to be gathered and analyzed, yielding better decisions based on key performance indicators (KPIs).

If these industries can successfully realize the potential of intelligent connectivity and automation technologies offered by The Connected Enterprise and smart machines and equipment, significant productivity step changes can be exciting and substantial.

I invite you to review this issue of Automation Today Asia Pacific to learn more about the benefits of increasing digitalization of your manufacturing processes and consider the strategy for starting a journey to smart manufacturing.

Your industry is marching forward. How well are you and your company preparing for the new incoming technologies?

— Joseph Sousa, president, Asia Pacific Region, Rockwell Automation

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