A secured Network Infrastructure: The back bone of Digital Transformation

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Is your Network Infrastructure ready and safe for digital Transformation?

Since Digital transformation has been introduced in our business, building a secured and reliable IT/OT Infrastructure has been always a fundamental piece, determining the success of a Digitalization or IT/OT convergence strategy. Over the time more robust and reliable technology, solution, procedure and business models has been introduced. However, our customer’s desire towards these new technologies has never changed:  “PEACE of MIND”.

The first step in managing your IT/OT infrastructure is assessing your current state. This includes understanding your security posture within your software, networks, control system, policies and procedures, and employee behaviors.

In this webinar session, we would like to share with our audience on how Rockwell Automation is capable of providing a peace of mind to our customers for their Digital transformation journey. With expertise in both IT principles and industrial automation, our team has the expertise to identify the cyber security threats and provide standardized & robust Infrastructure from Enterprise to industrial assets. Our security assessments will review potential threats, asset integrity, and governance processes. From there, we will help you to identify the mitigation techniques required to bring your operation to an acceptable risk state.

As a Strategic Advisor, we can -

Building a Secure Network Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

  • Help develop an OT cybersecurity program
  • Adopt an industry framework
  • Understand customer business drivers and risk tolerances to drive target profiles
  • Conduct assessments to develop an understanding of gaps
  • Create an improvement plan to drive an action plan

As an IT/OT Security Practitioner, our team of experts can:

  • Execute on filling gaps as defined  and prioritized in the strategic approach
  • Utilize validated designs and architectures
  • Implement pre-engineered infrastructure and software solutions to achieve targets

As a Trusted Supplier we provide products that consider security through-out its lifecycle.

  • Dedicated Product Security Office focused on understanding and mitigating the risks surround the markets we serve
  • Secure Development Lifecycle (Threat Modeling, Penn Testing, etc)
  • Alignment to industry standards like IEC62443
  • Provider of security features and functionality that enable more secure automation systems

During this live webinar, you can learn

  • Current Market Trends & Advantages with a converged network
  • Approach to build a robust network infrastructure
  • Approach to address the concern of capital money
  • Approach to cater to Security needs for an open Network Infrastructure

Win S$10 Grab voucher! Just be among the first 30 participants to submit the correct answers to a quiz during the webinar.

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