Information Solutions Defined

Collaborative Technology for Intelligent Manufacturing

Our information solutions offerings use the smart assets in your architecture to improve collaboration on the plant floor and across the enterprise. Wherever you are on your journey to a connected enterprise, our offerings can help you connect, manage, validate, and optimize production. We offer manufacturing execution systems (MES), manufacturing intelligence and analytics applications, and information driven services. These services can help you accelerate your digital transformation and maximize the benefits of big data.

Workflow Management Meets Data

Billions of sensors, actuators, motor controllers, and similar smart devices have proliferated across production systems. Extracting more data does not mean that you take full advantage of smart manufacturing. Information is difficult to manage or use without context. Manufacturers must spread intelligence throughout the enterprise, from control-level devices to business level IT systems.

Our Information Solutions offerings help provide intelligent manufacturing by first converging operational and information technology. Collaborative execution systems can improve workflow management like handling recipes and tracking products. This improved workflow management means less product variability and less risk. Connection with scalable analytics extends the value of an execution system and leverages the same data and context for production optimization.

Manufacturing Intelligence

A lack of visibility into the manufacturing process can hold back the ability of an operator to identify issues and make continuous improvements. Automating the effort to extract and connect data, from the reams of data that is created by an automation system, can provide actionable analytics. A seamless integration with a control platform gives you access to real-time production data to support decision making.

When you gather data into intuitive dashboards, manufacturing intelligence solutions help visualize metrics that your teams need. Once exposed to this information, you can make improvements.

Hillshire Brands used manufacturing intelligence to improve yield by 0.10. That is more than 100,000 pounds of sausage annually, which significantly reduced the costs of goods sold.

Manufacturing Execution

Our Information Solutions offerings help you connect, manage, validate, and optimize production. With MES, automation systems enforce standardized workflows. This enforcement means that the right recipe or sequence is followed and validated every time. This validation results in lower production costs, higher quality, and improved productivity.

Manufacturers can also tap into modular MES applications to address specific challenges. One application that is supported by minimal infrastructure can focus on the machine area. When a more robust solution is needed, the MES can scale for multi-facility enterprise use.

Information that is tracked by execution systems also provides further context for data from the plant floor and enterprise systems like ERP. Pulling data from various sources helps provide professionals with better information for decision making.

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