Information-driven Services

Get More from Your Information Systems and Fill Skill Gaps

Our Information Solutions offerings can help simplify your day-to-day reporting demands. You can experience enhanced production monitoring through better use of manufacturing data. The design, implementation, and optimization of these systems often requires a mix of internal talent and outside support. Our information services and solutions can serve as an extension of your team. We can even help manage key aspects of your digital operations system deployment and management when your resources are not available.

Better Managed Machines, Operations, and Workers

Information systems can touch many aspects of your operation, occasionally making the systems difficult to deploy. The sheer amount of data can be overwhelming to manage.

Information systems also create new knowledge and skill demands at a time when skilled workers are increasingly hard to find. Organizations that fall short of meeting data management benchmarks risk inherent system productivity gains or worse, losing market position to the competition.

We can help you address these challenges in different ways. We can help manufacturers and industrial operators address specific operational needs and skills shortages. We can help machine builders and system integrators meet information requirements and incorporate information-driven capabilities into your machinery or equipment.

Asset Reliability Services

Turn Maintenance Data into Useful Operational Intelligence

Valuable maintenance data exists across your operation. We can help you collect data from your production assets and turn it into useful information. We also can help you deliver useful role-based data analysis, reporting, and dashboard screens. We can also help you configure it to trigger events and alerts to support proactive maintenance.

This can help you:

  • Achieve plantwide visibility into machine health
  • Identify potential risks or issues before they occur
  • Tackle chronic machine-failure problems
  • Reduce MTTR during downtime events by as much as 5 percent
  • Improve operational efficiency by as much as 15 percent
  • Reduce manual data-collection time by as much as 70 percent

Discover how our Asset Reliability Services can help you better manage your most critical assets.

Remote Monitoring Services

Get Connected to Your Dispersed or Hard-to-Reach Assets

Remote monitoring offers greater flexibility for monitoring, maintaining, and operating machines. It also can help you manage the growing amount of data and connected devices in your operations, especially valuable if faced with reduced availability of skilled operators.

Improve Asset Monitoring: You can gain real-time access to dispersed or hard to reach assets. Remote monitoring can give you instant visibility into asset performance, and potentially save time reaching the equipment to conduct analysis.

Augment On-site Workers: Network technology is proliferating on the plant floor. More complex systems and an abundance of data are putting new pressures your IT and maintenance staff. In-house or third-party remote monitoring can monitor trends, troubleshoot issues and identify improvements to help ease demands on these employees.

Expand OEM Support: The emergence of remote machine monitoring has created new opportunities for machine builders to support their customers. Rather than traveling on-site to address an issue, a machine builder can simply connect to its customer's plant floor and start troubleshooting.

Learn More About Our Remote Monitoring Services

Network and Data Security Services

Protect Your Intellectual Property and Other Valuable Information

Our Industrial Network Services can help protect your intellectual property and other proprietary information. We embrace an in-depth, multi-layered security approach that assumes any one point of protection can be defeated. Our services cover the entire security lifecycle, from assessments and design to implementation and security monitoring.

Learn More About Our Industrial Network Services

Cloud Analytics Services

Analytics Infrastructure and Interpreters

Finding support for your complex applications poses numerous challenges. As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) continues to grow, you will continue your digital transformation and embrace The Connected Enterprise. The ability to make, manage, and use your information is paramount. This creates a need for deep understanding on the latest analytics strategies.

Our Cloud Analytics Services can monitor, store, and visualize your performance data. Distributed via a secure web portal or direct alerts, you get details on potential problems and guidance on how to address issues before they occur. Whether the machine is in your plant or located in an application a continent away, you can keep tabs on important automation assets from anywhere.

Mobility Solutions

Anytime, Anywhere Information Can Drive Productivity

Mobile connectivity can untether you from machines and traditional HMIs. Now you get information in the time, context, and place you need.

Connect Workers to Information

Mobility informs and enables users. Process information from your Digital Operations systems, for example, can generate alarm-based notifications that reach workers regardless of where they are and allow them to act. Likewise, batch operators can use mobile recipe-management software to watch and react to live events that are displayed in easy to understand graphics.

FactoryTalk TeamONE: The 33-Second Revolution

What if a mobile device on the plant floor was more than a client but a smart node as well? What if it could connect workers to collaborate and solve problems in real-time? What if it could do all this across different connection types and operating systems?

FactoryTalk® TeamONE™  delivers those benefits. Our goal is to redefine industrial mobility and increase worker productivity by 33 seconds, in every hour and in every role.

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