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Improve Efficiency with Smart Systems

Smart systems are the heart of digital transformation. See how you can use smart devices, smart controls, human machine interfaces and analytics to be more efficient.

Lockout/Tagout Program Services Video

Our comprehensive lockout/tagout services could be just what you need for employee safety, regulatory compliance and increased productivity.

ScanESC Lockout/Tagout Software Video

ScanESC™ lockout/tagout software from Rockwell Automation can help manufacturers achieve safety compliance, reduce risk and improve productivity.

Smart Saw Line Futureproofs Timber Production

AKD implemented the latest connected technologies to increase recovery, improve safety and reduce downtime.

Discover How Safety Can Help Increase Productivity

To demonstrate the benefits of contemporary safety solutions, we have animated a number of safety scenarios.

450L-B GuardShield Safety Light Curtain

This video shows how the innovative 450L-B GuardShield Safety Light Curtain system allows each transceiver to be used as a transmitter or receiver via innovative plug-in modules.

Safety in an Evolving Workforce

As the global workforce continues to evolve, contemporary safety systems as well as machinery design techniques must be considered to mitigate risk and enhance worker productivity.

Safety Automation Builder Integrates Software

The Safety Automation Builder® software tool, now integrated with risk assessment software RASWin, helps guide engineers through steps of the machinery safety lifecycle in one environment.

How Workforce Changes Impact Safety & Productivity

Adjust to a changing workforce by rethinking machinery design in ways that address the unique safety risks of a more diverse workforce and help improve productivity.

Safety Automation Builder Software Demonstration

Watch this video to learn how Safety Automation Builder works.

Safety Maturity Index Video

Watch how the safety maturity index tool can help you achieve best-in-class results from your safety strategy.

Safety Services Overview

See the extensive portfolio of Safety Services from a complete suite of safety assessments to customized safety solutions.

Arkema Addresses Safety Concerns and Cuts Costs

Chemical company migrates to PlantPAx™ process automation system to provide complex batch and recipe capabilities, solving the quality and consistency issues.

Safety Automation Builder Overview

See the benefits of Safety Automation Builder outlined in a short animated video.