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Our Smart Safety Portfolio

Improve the functional operation of machinery with our innovative, wide-range portfolio of products and solutions. As new technology emerges, we develop and deliver integrated, value-added components and systems that help to maximize production and overall equipment effectiveness.

GuardLink™ Device Level Safety Network

GuardLink is a low level network providing device level diagnostics for safety components. It helps simplify safety networks when using safety devices that do not have EtherNet/IP connection. It offers increased diagnostic information to traditional hard wired systems and is a modular Plug-and-Play network requiring no configuration. 

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SafeZone 3 Laser Scanner

The SafeZone 3 Safety Laser Scanner is a compact device that supports up to 2 zones with simultaneous monitoring (warning and safety fields for each zone). It uses Safety over Ethernet/IP technology and offers two ethernet connections for device-level ring topology. The configuration software simplifies the programming and Add-On-Profiles are available in Studio 5000 Engineering Environment. 

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450L GuardShield POC Safety Light Curtains

The 450L GuardShield™ POC safety light curtains are unlike traditional safety light curtains, which are based on separate transmitter and receiver units. This next generation light curtain system features patented technology, which allows each transceiver to be used as a transmitter or receiver via an innovative plug-in module. This advanced technology greatly reduces stock and provides a flexible, cost-effective safety solution. 

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Lifeline 5 Cable Pull Switches

The 440E Lifeline™ 5 Cable Pull Switches are microprocessor-based solutions that bring advanced features and diagnostics that help enhance safety and improve productivity. These switches offer features and functions that simplify setup and allow for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting. 

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Multifunctional Access Box - Safety over EtherNet/IP

This integrated safeguarding solution is ideal for full body access applications where guard doors require a lock function. 

This device offers the same functionality as the hardwired product but now offers connectivity to the safety system using Safety over EtherNet/IP. 

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Compact GuardLogix 5370

This programmable Automation Controller is designed to provide integrated safety and integrated motion over EtherNet/IP™. With Studio 5000® software as a single design and configuration environment, scalability has never been simpler. 

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