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We are working with customers around the world. These examples show how we listen to their challenges and work hard to help them save money, increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce downtime.

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Pavillion8 Solution Optimises Dairy Production

19 April 2018

With a strong commitment to continuous improvement of current manufacturing assets, Miraka invested in a solution to optimise their milk powder process.

Potato Product Supplier Standardizes With PlantPAx

27 April 2017

Integrated production intelligence provides insight to real-time data, allowing operators to perform predictive maintenance procedures.

New System Smooths Path to Consistency

10 April 2017

Industrial lubricant manufacturer reduces cycle time and product variance while batch and ingredient-management reports ease troubleshooting.

Upgrade Expands Process Flexibility

1 March 2017

Southwest Baking expanded its process flexibility and production by 5 percent with a batch system upgrade.

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation

30 August 2016

AECC benefits from sustainable emissions monitoring, reduced operating costs, and greater accuracy through software CEM from Rockwell Automation.

Advanced Continuous Emissions Monitoring

1 July 2016

Rockwell Automation maintains a leadership position in mandated emissions monitoring with unparalleled experience, knowledge and value-based solutions.

Cardinal Ethanol, LLC

1 June 2016

A Plant-wide Optimization Solution from Rockwell Automation helps Cardinal Ethanol achieve significant margin gains and sustainability benefits.

Cancer Treatment Facility Reduces Time in Clinic

9 May 2016

Clinic managers recognized the need to improve patients’ wait time. Arena simulation software improved the experience for both patients and staff with minimal disruption.

Fonterra Overhauls Standardizing System

1 March 2016

Better compositional control of milk powder products with a Pavilion8® solution. Global dairy company upgrades to create a more agile operation.

EKB Deploys Modern Microbrewery Control Solution

15 February 2016

Local Recognised System Integrator (RcSi) EKB, Hogeschool of Utrecht and Rockwell Automation combine to deliver fully featured but easy-to-use open control solution within minimal budget.

Tradebe Implements PlantPAx to Control Terminal

21 January 2016

Suris, a system integrator, implements an open process system to control, manage and monitor the Tradebe port infrastructure, reducing operation complexity and costs

LBC Tank Terminal Deploys PlantPAx Solution

1 October 2015

Agidens, a Rockwell Automation Recognised System Integrator, replaces obsolete control solution on one site and replaces software at another

Airline Designs Self-Service Baggage Drop

10 February 2015

To help simplify the passenger check-in process with a new self-service baggage drop, a leading North American airline turned to Arena® simulation software.

SPIN Unifies Information Plantwide

21 March 2014

A central control room leads to a 75% reduction of losses of finished products. SPIN applies Rockwell Automation technology to unify information within an entire plant.

Production Intelligence Helps Pastry Company

3 March 2014

Country Maid gains production intelligence to meet demand for hand-braided pastries, partnering with Interstates Control Systems to improve efficiency with our process solutions.

Production Intelligence Helps Pastry Company

3 March 2014

Country Maid gains production intelligence to meet demand for hand-braided pastries, partnering with Interstates Control Systems to improve efficiency with our process solutions.

Azerbaijan State Oil Firm Deploys Process Solution

1 January 2014

SOCAR deploys PlantPAx to maximise Kalmaz gas storage capacity and help improve efficiency and safety. Inkoel automation solution helps state oil company improve output and reliability.

Marine Industry Solutions

1 January 2014

Read about our Predictive Emissions Monitoring System - SeaPEM.

Guissona Automates Its Animal Feed Plant

3 June 2013

ISA S88 standard implemented by incorporating the PlantPAx™ process control solution; enhancing flexibility, standardising industrial processes and improving performance.

High-Speed Kegging Plant Created with PlantPAx

1 February 2013

Comac Group enjoys increased commissioning, maintenance and deployment costs through seamless integration and speed of data transmission with PlantPAx solution

Chemical Industry Solution

1 October 2012

Realize faster time-to-value benefits, lower life cycle costs, and higher lifetime business value.

Polymer Industry Solution Extruder Application

1 October 2012

Reduce process variability and inefficiency, improve product consistency, effectively manage transitions, and push constraints to the limits.

Vulcan Materials Company

1 April 2012

The Cement Grinding Control Application from Rockwell Automation assists the leading cement producer in achieving significant gains through automated control.

Rockwell Software Solution SoftSensor Application

28 March 2012

Predict and improve the quality of products during production.

BP Marl

1 March 2012

Read about how BP Marl increased styrene production while reducing utility consumption.

Customer Trade-up Case Study

1 March 2012

To increase production and enhance product quality, SABIC deployed the Rockwell Software Polymer Solution, from Rockwell Automation.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

1 March 2012

Aeronautics company's powerhouse boilers upgraded with Ultra Low NOx burners are monitored successfully by Rockwell Software, Software CEM.

Western Wisconsin Energy LLC

1 March 2012

Rockwell Software Plant-wide Optimization Solution puts the proof in ethanol production for Western Wisconsin Energy.

U.S. Natural Gas Company Reduces Costs & Emissions

1 January 2011

Gas producer achieves a 90% reduction in nitrogen oxides emissions through Software CEM and Ultra Low NOX Burner and Selective Catalytic Reactor technologies.