Products and Solutions from Rockwell Automation

Products and Solutions from Rockwell Automation

New Application Content Speeds Up and Future-Proofs Machine Designs

Rockwell Automation continues to release new application content to help OEMs and process skid manufacturers create state-of-the-art machine designs faster and at a lower cost. The latest content includes device objects and two machine builder code libraries, one for converting print and web (CPW) machines and one for process skids. This new release complements the already available content for packaging applications.

Reduce design cost and build your projects faster with our application code libraries.

Machine builder libraries provide standardized, application-specific code that can help engineers design CPW machines and process skids faster, while still achieving best-in-class performance. The libraries also include application-specific features. For example, the process-skid library includes a state machine engine, which engineers can use to develop custom behaviors that match the features of their specific skids.

The device objects are code and visualization objects that provide a common interface for connecting a specific device to other library objects in a machine. This can drastically reduce programming rework when migrating a device. Engineers can simply add the object for a new type of device instead of rewriting the machine’s entire engineering cycle to accommodate the change. The first set of device objects are for starter, drive and motion devices. They also provide faceplates for the new line of Allen-Bradley PanelView 5000 operator interfaces.

“Our modular application content helps simplify managing the vast amount of coding used in today’s smart machines,” said Achim Thomsen, senior manager application IP, Rockwell Automation. “Machine designers can use these new libraries and device objects to create machines in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. And we will continue to release new content for more applications and devices in the future.”

The new application content is available as a free download from the Rockwell Automation Product Compatibility Download Center (PCDC). Once downloaded, users import the content into the Studio 5000 Application Code Manager application.

Brighter, More Flexible Tower Light Now Available from Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation introduces the Allen-Bradley ControlTower 856T 70 mm Tower Light system. This new system incorporates brighter LED illumination and a broad offering of visual and sound technologies all in a 70 mm diameter housing. The ControlTower 856T is capable of accommodating up to seven modules in the same stack, offering users the ability to monitor more machine and process conditions in a single device.

Allen-Bradley ControlTower 856T 70 mm Tower Light system.

This new modular design allows the ControlTower 856T system to meet the widest range of signaling applications with a reduced number of components.

“Our new tower light helps engineers achieve faster time to market due to the reduced number of components they need to select,” said Alvaro Sanchez, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “Users may also see a lower total cost of ownership due to the scalable visual and audible options and the ability to monitor more machine conditions with a single tower light.”

The tower light features push-in terminal blocks in the base and internal DIP switches inside the light and sound modules that enable engineers to easily configure operation modes. Engineers can choose from a range of sounds that help alert operators on a machine’s status or condition. These sound options include multi-tone piezoelectric, multi-tone transducer technologies.

The ControlTower 856T system also includes non-stackable, beacon-shaped light modules for those applications that require a low profile signaling device but want to use the same mounting infrastructure of the tower light.

The IP66/67-rated system can be used in tough environmental conditions and in an extended operating temperature (up to 70 degrees Celsius). To meet global requirements, the system is available in 24V AC/DC and 120/240V AC. The product line is available as separate components or as a pre-configured, factory-assembled stack light for optimal flexibility.

Software Reduces Design Time for Standalone Machines (Connected Components Workbench Design and Configuration Software)

Machine builders can now get standalone machines to market faster using a newly updated design and configuration software. The latest release of the Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation will be more familiar to Logix users and includes new features to help reduce programming time. It provides controller programming, device configuration and human-machine interface editing for Rockwell Automation hardware.

Connected Components Workbench software provides controller programming, device configuration and human-machine interface editing.

A new instruction toolbar organizes programming elements into tabs. This allows designers to easily search, drag and drop instructions into the ladder logic editor. For designers who prefer the keyboard, ladder logic can be quickly entered in ASCII text. Designers also can now switch instruction names from the default IEC theme to a Logix theme. This can help them be more efficient by programming machines using their preferred terminology.

 “Designers who use the RSLogix 500 or Studio 5000 Logix Designer software will now have a more familiar design environment in the Connected Components Workbench software due to a more seamless and standardized design experience,” said Thomas Sugimoto, product marketing manager, Rockwell Automation. “It also reduces training and simplifies maintenance for technicians by providing a consistent monitoring and debugging environment across a wider range of machines.”

Designers can now copy and paste code from the Connected Components Workbench software to the RSLogix 500 or Studio 5000 software and vice versa. This ability to reuse code can help designers modernize their small standalone machines from Allen-Bradley MicroLogix controllers to Micro800 controllers. It also can help them standardize larger machines that use Allen-Bradley CompactLogix controllers.

The Connected Components Workbench software supports all Micro800 controllers, including the new Micro870 programmable logic controller (PLC). This controller can be used in place of multiple micro PLCs in large standalone smart machines or systems. The software also supports the PanelView 800 graphic terminals, PowerFlex drives, SMC soft startersKinetix component servo drives and various safety devices such as the Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay and GuardShield 450L light curtain.

Updated Motion Analyzer Software Shortens Motion Control System Design Time

Rockwell Automation has released an updated version of the Allen-Bradley Motion Analyzer software tool. This enhanced software offers an optimized user experience with intuitive navigation and in-workflow product selection. This can help engineers more easily and efficiently develop complete motion control systems for their machines.

Using the Motion Analyzer software, engineers can determine a system’s specifications, evaluate multiple products to find the best fit, finalize the design and create a bill of materials. The tool can also help reduce motion-system design time from a multiday process to a few hours.

VersaView Industrial Computers

Visualization and HMI solutions are key to helping customers address their productivity, innovation, and globalization needs. The Allen-Bradley VersaView 5000 portfolio is a complete line of open architecture industrial PCs, thin clients, and monitors that can be used for both standalone machine level and distributed HMI applications.

The open architecture supports modern operating systems and various software applications, but the ideal deployment is to use FactoryTalk View SE software for distributed applications. The line is completely fanless and maintenance free to reduce costly machine downtime.

To meet plant floor expectations, HMI software must meet the demands of multiple stakeholders. FactoryTalk View SE provides robust and reliable functionality in a single software package – addressing challenges in process, batch and discrete applications and enabling critical visibility in real-time when and where you need it. Additionally, the VersaView 5000 computers are 21CFR Part 11 compliant when using FactoryTalk View SE software.

Featuring an edgeless, all glass, ten point multi-touch screen – the VersaView 5400 Integrated Display Computers provide Windows 7/WES 7/Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems with dual external display support. In addition, PlantPAx and FactoryTalk View SE templates perfectly fit the 1080p screen, allowing identical screens to be shared between the control room and the machine. The VersaView 5400 is also available in a non-display computer, offering a small footprint, dual video output and a light weight, fanless design.

The VersaView 5200 Thin Client computers are ThinManager ready for centralized management solutions for modern plants. Using the VersaView 5200 computer hardware with ThinManager software allows control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment or number of facilities.

For line and machine application flexibility, the new VersaView 5000 industrial computers provide leading edge technology for those who are looking for an open platform to enhance their machine operator control and improve productivity.

FLEX 5000 I/O Modules Bring Greater Productivity and Flexibility to a Connected Enterprise

The new Allen-Bradley FLEX 5000 I/O platform from Rockwell Automation can create smarter, more productive and more flexible industrial control systems.

Allen-Bradley FLEX 5000 I/O Modules.

The platform’s higher-speed connectivity and expanded bandwidth deliver increased amounts of data back to the controller. This helps future-proof control systems for a Connected Enterprise. It is built on a 1 Gigabit architecture with communications supporting Device Level Ring (DLR), linear and star topologies. A future release will support Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) for a redundant network topology.

Both OEMs and process operations can also use the new FLEX 5000 I/O modules to improve productivity. Engineering time is reduced with simplified wiring and design. Installation is eased with a flexible architecture that includes vertical and horizontal mounting and copper and fiber media options. Hardware requirements can be minimized during installation because the modules are designed to operate in extreme environments – from oilfields in the arctic cold to mines in the sweltering heat (-40 C to 70 C operating temperatures).

During production, the modules can also reduce costly and unplanned downtime, especially in continuous process-control applications. Removal and insertion under power (RIUP) allows technicians to replace existing I/O, and an online change capability allows configuration of new I/O, both while the system continues to run. In addition, the flexibility to configure alarms, events and diagnostics at the channel level helps drive maintenance efficiency.

New Field Controller Provides Simplified, Cost-Effective Solution for DC Retrofit Applications

The new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex DC field controller from Rockwell Automation enables customers to upgrade their DC motor application to a modern system, without the need for complex external devices. An up-to-date digital networked control system helps customers gather and leverage vital information throughout their enterprise.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex DC Field Controller.

The DC field controller provides three-phase, four-quadrant (reversing) DC motor or generator field control. The field controller can be used on its own or with a PowerFlex DC digital drive. In stand-alone mode, it provides power to a DC motor field with a fixed reference by using fixed I/O. The field controller can also control electromagnets and other non-motor loads.

“For DC retrofit applications that require motor reversing, the PowerFlex DC field controller helps eliminate the need for an additional armature bridge or a complex system of external devices, saving customers both time and money,” said Nancy Rivard, product manager for Rockwell Automation. “Having a single source for all automation equipment – including both AC and DC drives – also simplifies machine startup, operation and maintenance.”

ControlLogix Compute Module Enables Real Time Decisions and Improved Productivity

The new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Compute module from Rockwell Automation delivers data at the source to help customers make real-time decisions and increase productivity. The module provides in-chassis, high-speed computing functionality with access to the ControlLogix processor via the backplane.

The compute module offers the flexibility to create custom applications within the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Linux operating systems. Additionally, the module utilizes off-the-shelf applications to enhance automation systems and leverage the value of the existing data across the plant floor. This in turn provides access to real time operational information.

The ControlLogix Compute module allows customers to take advantage of Rockwell Automation design and visualization software, along with third-party Windows 10 applications. Available in in-cabinet, in chassis or in-controller computing to meet specific application needs.

In addition, the module provides an Integrated DisplayPort for direct communication to a high definition VersaView industrial monitor. The module combines industry leading automation technologies with the robust Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Linux operating system, for real time decisions and increased productivity.

New CompactLogix Combines Control Performance and IoT Computing in a Single Platform (CompactLogix 5480)

The new Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5480 Controller offers the benefits of Logix control with Windows-based computing. With a commercially available CPU and a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system running independently of the Logix control engine, it provides a high-performance architecture with the ability to run third party applications.

End users and OEMs are inventing ways to collect data from machines and turning it into valuable information closer to the plant floor. This ability to make decisions at the machine level helps to enable our Connected Enterprise vision.

Built upon the Rockwell Automation high performance architecture, the latest CompactLogix controller provides enhanced performance, flexibility and troubleshooting. By providing Logix real time control and an instance of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system on a single platform, the new CompactLogix delivers integrated control and visualization for a variety of applications including; analytics, data gathering, and predictive computations; cloud gateway, data concentrator applications; machine line control and third party machine applications.

Connecting information across the plant floor to an enterprise network can be transformational for a business but also introduces risk. To help address this, the CompactLogix 5480 has embedded Logix security with FactoryTalk Security user authentication and authorization.

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