Bring IT and OT together to solve new security challenges

Bring IT and OT together to solve new challenges


30 Minutes



Ransomware is currently one of the biggest threats to production networks in Australia and New Zealand, costing local companies millions of dollars in ransom payments, document leaks and lost downtime.

Join this webinar to learn about Rockwell Automation’s approach to Industrial Cybersecurity in an ever-changing landscape where IT and OT converge:

  • Challenges facing industrial network infrastructure security
  • IT and OT Cybersecurity – commonalities and differences
  • Visibility (or lack of) in OT networks
  • Addressing cybersecurity in products and systems
  • Lifecycle services approach to cybersecurity

At the end of the webinar we will have a Q&A which is a great time for you to ask us questions you have on these topics.

This webinar is recommended for IT and OT Directors, Managers, Chief Executive Officers, or anyone interested in the current and future state of security of their operations infrastructure.

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