A Roadmap to

Smart Manufacturing

Developing Your Path to the Connected Enterprise: A Discussion with Marty Thomas

At Rockwell Automation, we understand what it takes to achieve a Connected Enterprise because we’ve lived through the experience ourselves. In this webinar, Marty Thomas, retired SVP, Operations and Engineering Services, will continue the story of our journey and share real life examples gathered from our customers to detail what it takes to move from the vision of a Connected Enterprise to implementation.

Here’s a few of the topics Marty will share:

  • The 3 levels of a Connected Enterprise
  • Issues caused by a lack of connectivity
  • Designing mobile dashboards for UDTs
  • Finding the value, and tying value to business strategy
    • Understanding the Four Vectors of Value
    • Developing a plan
    • Preparing your workforce
    • Reinforcing a new culture
  • Identifying and recognizing success measures
  • Embracing continuous improvement

We’ll help you identify and overcome the challenges – both anticipated and unexpected – and we’ll outline steps you can take today to get started on your journey.

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