FactoryTalk View Machine Edition

FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition (ME) software is a versatile HMI application that provides a dedicated and powerful solution for machine-level operator interface devices. As an integral element of the Rockwell Automation visualization solution, FactoryTalk View Machine Edition provides superior graphics, runtime user management, language switching and faster commissioning time through a common development environment.

FactoryTalk View Machine Edition allows for a consistent operator interface across multiple platforms, including PanelView™ Plus and Windows desktop solutions and consists of:

  • FactoryTalk View Studio: Configuration software for developing and testing HMI applications.
  • FactoryTalk View ME Station: A traditional "standalone" HMI solution that provides an integrated operator interface that runs the same HMI application on PanelView™ Plus 7, PanelView Plus 6, MobileView™ terminal, Rockwell Automation Industrial Computers, or other industrial personal computer.
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What’s New

Version 11.00
  • Better graphics: Graphic performance improvement for PanelView Plus 7
  • Time-saving audit trail: Optimization of the onboard audit trail eliminates duplicate audit messages for operator actions, reducing the frequency at which the onboard audit log needs to be managed
  • Simpler file management: Application Manager, File Transfer Utility, and new version ID tool now display the version of the .APA or .MER file, making management of runtime and archived project files easier


FactoryTalk View Machine Edition offers OEMs and end-users features that reduce development and commissioning time, while improving the operator’s experience and retaining the plant-wide scalability.

Reduce commissioning time
- A simplified installation process
- Reusable global objects
- Search and replace capability for tags and text on multiple displays and global objects
- Hotlink to a specific tag location using the Cross Reference capability
- Runtime and design time language switching means that multiple-language implementations can be accomplished more easily
- Each applications' security configuration is managed separately; making it easier to switch between applications

Design time effectiveness
- Define tags and graphic displays once and reference them throughout the application
- Maximize productivity by directly accessing tag information in the controller, eliminating need to create HMI tags
- Full featured graphics editor with powerful editing tools, drawing objects, pre-configured operator devices, and animation capabilities
- Graphics library with hundreds of graphic objects to drag-and-drop into displays
- Reusable faceplates and global objects speed application development

Expand machine flexibility and capability
- Data logging for trend analysis
- Recipe management
- Manage user and groups while application is running
- Access to run-time terminal information
- Access to documentation via the PDF Viewer
- ActiveX controls that simplify complex runtime tasks

Supports regulated industry applications
- Onboard audit trail for applications requiring regulatory compliance such as US 21CFR Part 11 or EU Annex 11