Rockwell Software

FactoryTalk Software Portfolio Evolves a Reliable Brand

Software from Rockwell Automation was always built on a promise of giving you clarity amidst the complexity of running a plant or production operation. You’ve probably experienced these gains for years through an architecture that delivers in all phases from design, to day-to-day operation, maintenance and even advanced innovation.

We have not stopped delivering.

New solutions. New ideas. New ways to work. And now a new name.

FactoryTalk® Software brings certainty and confidence to your complicated world. Core applications give you the foundation to customize and build out your operation to achieve and exceed business goals. We are building the innovations you need to strengthen performance and achieve growth. Solving real business problems; not responding the trends.

Now when you think of software from Rockwell Automation, remember that FactoryTalk is the most comprehensive and innovative software portfolio in the industry.

All Together Now

Each FactoryTalk offering centers on the driving your business performance. From the design and commissioning phase on through to board room level data needs, we can bring together value to all users in your operation. Get your machines on line faster with common design programs, gain control over unplanned downtime with predictive maintenance software, or add elements that ensure smooth operation of your vital plant floor machinery and assets.

FactoryTalk software can get you from here to success. See the full offering of software from Rockwell Automation.