Digital Oilfield Solutions

Increase Operational Visibility and Control with ConnectedProduction

Visualize and control production from the wellhead to custody transfer, either on site or from miles away. Fully integrated, scalable control puts the power of information within reach. Maximize the recovery of existing reserves, optimize production, and reduce downtime. Bring the digital oilfield to life with ConnectedProduction™ solutions.

Make Real-time Decisions from Anywhere

The oil and gas industry requires a flexible environment to stay competitive. A connected digital oilfield shares information across the supply chain, which allows you to make real-time decisions from the oilfield or the boardroom. Our ConnectedProduction™ solutions can help you solve every day business challenges while advancing your operations into a more connected digital oilfield.

Implement a Digital Oilfield Solution

Production Information Anytime or Anywhere

To help you access real-time data, we use our remote data acquisition controllers (rDAC). These controllers collect and distribute data from the wellhead to the control room to the boardroom. The intelligent assets provide the information that is needed for advanced analytics and workflows that enable real-time decisions. We call these joined assets a ConnectedProduction™ solution.

Monitoring, Control, and Optimization

Artificial Lift Systems

Our OptiLift™ solutions provide end-to-end smart field solutions to oil and gas operators.

We provide a comprehensive range of integrated information, along with control, power and safety solutions and services, across the entire oil and gas supply chain. As a leader in the field, we understand that you require a wellhead solution that is:

  • Easy to use with excellent reliability
  • Integrated into your existing system seamlessly
  • Configurable for many different pump units
  • Easy to install with expandable I/O
  • Capable of extracting locally collected wellhead data

Consulting and Integration

Our commitment is to help reduce project risk and provide solutions specific to your unique challenges. We offer industry and technology-specific expertise that is executed globally and supported locally.

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