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How to Future-Proof Your Powertrain Production

Flexible and scalable drivetrain or powertrain production operations can help you keep up with consumer demand and adapt to technology changes.

Digitalized Gigafactories Meet EV Battery Demand

The next seismic change in autos is in AFVs. Find out how to use real-time information and analytics to keep up with demand for millions of new EV batteries annually.

Mitigating Risk – Without Applying the Brakes

EV manufacturers are under pressure to expedite their launch schedules. Global program management paves the way for a successful EV launch – and smart manufacturing.

A New Driving Force: Automotive “Electric Dreams”

Market drivers and new technology are accelerating electric vehicle demand. To keep up, carmakers must adopt a more connected, data-intensive approach.

Collaborative Applications: What You Need to Know

The way people and machinery interact in automotive plants is fundamentally changing. Collaborative technology makes functional safety more critical than ever.

Get Smarter Automotive Manufacturing Faster

Scalable analytics closes the loop between big data and the plant floor to speed the impact of smart devices.

Greenfield Observations for Industry Leaders

Greenfield industrial projects in the age of IIoT require new, flexible and productive plant solutions.

Master the Balancing Act of Powertrain Assembly

A more distributed control architecture plus new design and configuration tools speed line load balancing in powertrain assembly – and enable more flexible manufacturing.

Automotive Machine Builders: Deliver Smart Value

Thanks to enabling technologies, automotive machine builders can deliver more value than ever before. Two smart questions are key to success.

Why Independent Cart Conveying is One Smart Move

Independent cart technology enables high performance and flexibility in critical automotive transfer systems.

Tier Suppliers: It’s Time to Rethink Track & Trace

Now tier suppliers can address automotive traceability requirements – and other manufacturing challenges – with scalable, cost-effective software applications.

One Smart Decision Tire OEMS Can Make Now

Learn how tire OEMs can deliver smarter, smaller and more efficient machinery faster than ever before with an On-Machine control solution.

EV Producers Need the Right Automation Supplier

With electric vehicle production gaining momentum, startups have flooded the market. Choosing the right supplier is critical to their success.

Capture NEW Savings in the Paint Shop

New paint processes are more efficient than ever. But automakers can uncover even more savings with an innovative approach to paint rectifiers.

Embracing the Future of Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robot technology is evolving at a rapid pace, but this raises questions about worker safety and compliance implications.

Shift Into High Gear with MES

The largest automotive suppliers have transitioned to modular offerings encompassing everything from complete cockpit assemblies and seating systems to powertrains.

Digital Manufacturing Drives Innovation at Daimler

Innovative manufacturers are realizing the value of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by mapping out use cases that translate to immediate business value and outcomes.

Proactively Manage Auto Plant Equipment Life

Automotive manufacturers can mitigate risk - and reduce upfront costs - with a systematic, incremental approach to automation equipment migration.

Is Your Tire Plant Steam System Smart Enough?

Thanks to The Connected Enterprise, steam systems can be more intelligent than ever - and generate new levels of efficiency, sustainability and cost savings.

Rising to the Challenge of Lightweight Vehicles

A flexible manufacturing environment allows carmakers to meet new material demands - and deliver vehicles with features consumers want at a price they can afford.

Get Your Automotive Plant Workforce Ready

Whether commissioning a new production facility, adding capacity or launching a new vehicle, workforce readiness is critical to automotive productivity and flexibility.

The Real Promise of the Connected Car

Connected Cars represent an unprecedented opportunity for automakers to not only satisfy consumer demand - but also to speed the optimization of their manufacturing process.

How MES Can Optimize Automotive Manufacturing

For automakers, mitigating recall risk is essential. But getting the “little things” right is equally important for brand equity – and profitability.

Dual Imperative: Fuel Economy + Consumer Demand

Lower gas prices may alter consumer appetites for fuel efficient cars. But automakers must stay on the fast-track to meet mandates.

The Economic Benefits of The Connected Enterprise

Building The Connected Enterprise brings clarity to choices for manufacturers that previously seemed ill-defined.

Three Key Components to Manufacturing Velocity

The automotive industry needs to address manufacturing velocity in order to respond to customer demands around the world more quickly and get to market faster.