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Realize the Value of Plant Safety Dashboards

Protect your workforce and your bottom line.


February 21, 2020


10:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.Central Standard Time

Choose the Right I/O to Help Reduce Downtime

Reduce downtime and increase flexibility through the new HART modules with Premier Integration in our FLEX 5000™ I/O portfolio.


February 6, 2020


10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.Central Standard Time

Choosing the Right Servo Drive Control

Are all the Kinetix® Servo Drive choices driving you crazy?


February 13, 2020


9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.Central Standard Time

Modernize to a CompactLogix 5380 Control System

Change is inevitable. Make your upgrades and modernization an easy transition.


February 20, 2020


9:30 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.Central Standard Time

Deploying CompactLogix Architectures

Make your machine smarter with CompactLogix™ 5380 Controller


January 28, 2020


9:30 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.Central Standard Time

Introduction to Robotic Solutions

Have you ever wanted to provide an integrated robotic experience with Rockwell Automation®? This series will get you started and show the value of a fully integrated solution.


January 30, 2020


1:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.Central Standard Time

Automotive Powertrain Demonstration

This automotive powertrain demo shows the collaboration between Rockwell Automation and FANUC in action.

Enhance Connectivity in Harsh Applications

Discover how you can connect better to improve productivity in harsh applications.

3V Automation Journeys to Digital Transformation

To position automakers for greater success, 3V Automation worked with Rockwell Automation to implement the latest digital technologies for smart machines and equipment.

Connected Components Workbench Software

Configure, program and test codes without hardware!

9 Reasons Why Automation is the Future

Many automakers have already transformed their operations into connected, data-driven plants, granting them the ability to meet consumer and market trends in real time.

How Automotive Manufacturers Can Stay Current

Current powertrain and drivetrains manufacturing systems can be unreliable. Meet consumer and market trends in real time with a flexible strategy that grows/adapts to your changing needs.

How a Communication Strategy Changes the Game

Ensure you’re getting the most out of your automation systems with a top of the line communication strategy.

How a Modern HMI Changes the Status Quo

Connect production workers to the information that can help them make better decisions with modern HMI software.

How Digital Twins Can Unlock Agile Design Process

Consumer demands change in the blink of an eye. Learn how digital twins unlock a more flexible and agile design process to respond to those demands.

Smart Manufacturing Benefits EV Production

A smart-manufacturing strategy can help overcome production challenges and produce high-quality electric vehicles quickly.

Get Ahead of Failures with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics dashboards provide insight into potential issues before they happen, so you can prevent machine or equipment failures and avoid downtime.

MES Rises as Automakers Embrace Flexibility

A host of software tools, including MES, support greater flexibility. These tools provide real-time data for analysis, and help to make the production line’s flexibility possible.

The Speed to Succeed: MES Automotive Operations

Learn how MES software can help you keep pace with an increasingly complex and fast-moving automotive industry, and better align your complex manufacturing operations to market needs.

Automotive Company Improves Production

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) requires rethinking how things like automobiles are made. This Korean company upgraded its control system to realize substantial benefits.

How to Future-Proof Your Powertrain Production

Flexible and scalable drivetrain or powertrain production operations can help you keep up with consumer demand and adapt to technology changes.

The Call to Action for Digital Transformation - Why It’s Time to Put our Pencils Down

Stuck in "pilot purgatory" or don't even know where to start on your Digital Transformation? Come to this informative webinar!

Optimize Your Production Process with Manufacturing Execution Systems and FactoryTalk Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your operations using a modern manufacturing execution system with decision making analytics.

Access to Automation Software Just Became Easier

Learn how software subscriptions remove barriers to entry and deliver increased value.

The Future of Virtualization Part 1: What You Need To Do Now

Increase your CAPEX and OPEX savings and reduce your downtime!

Leveraging Digital Twins for Operator Training

What if you could train operators in specific scenarios without risk to your machinery or their safety?

Electric Vehicle Innovation Center

Join us at our new Electric Vehicle Innovation Center to learn how you can design an accelerated production strategy and build smart, flexible operations.


Battery makers need a long-term automation strategy now if they’re going to keep up with the unprecedented growth of the electric vehicle market.

Making Electric Vehicles in the Age of IIoT

Learn how smart manufacturing strategies can help you produce high-quality electric vehicles quickly, affordably and with minimal risk.

June 2019 Full Issue

Download the full PDF of the June 2019 print issue of The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork.

Threat Detection Services Part 2: Why Behavior Matters

Don't give in to bad behavior. Learn how to proactively monitor threats and tame your industrial control system.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite, Powered by PTC: Realizing the Full Value of Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate and resolve issues before they happen using predictive maintenance.

Threat Detection Services Part 1: The Value of Knowing Normal

Is abnormal behavior becoming the norm? Learn what normal industrial control system traffic is and how to effectively use it to detect cyber-attacks before it’s too late.

Automotive and Tire Manufacturing

Operate more efficiently and get to market faster using concepts like Industry 4.0 Automotive.

The Value of Virtual Commissioning

Learn how commissioning a system virtually can save time and money by finding troublesome areas earlier and keeping your design flexible.

Coupling Artificial Intelligence with Logix for Process Improvements

Learn about a new offering from Rockwell Automation that models data in your control application and uses machine learning to estimate values and detect anomalies in your process.

How a Steel Producer Improved Yield by 3%

Railway track accessories company improved uptime and processes by using manufacturing intelligence software to eliminate manual data handling.

Enable Powerful Safety Machinery Solutions with Controller-Based Safety

There is a way for your machines to remain active while simultaneously being in a safe state.

Value of Scalable Computing

Learn how our scalable compute portfolio helps simplify IT/OT convergence, facilitates a Connected Enterprise, incorporates learnings from the cloud, and delivers agile decision-making.

Improve Electric Vehicle Production Processes

See how we can help electric car manufacturers accelerate production in this highly competitive market.

Optimize EV and Battery Manufacturing

Bring your electric vehicle and battery production to the next level. Download today to learn how!

Address the Workforce Skills Gap Challenge

Be a part of the Workforce Skills Revolution.

One Smart Conveyor. Boundless Possibilities.

Based on independent cart technology, new KUKA system solves assembly buffering challenges – and features extraordinary flexibility.

KS PULSE Keeps It Simple in Latest Release

Faster, easier integration is now possible in this revolutionary approach to auto body assembly based on independent cart technology.

Sinhyung Reduces Commissioning Time

Sinhyung Engineering selected a single controls supplier to help meet the changing demands of its end users and create flexible, scalable machines.

Safety Enterprise Strategy Series Part 2: A Closer Look at Lockout/Tagout Program Management

Take a deep dive into lockout/tagout to learn how your company can achieve compliance, reduce risk, and optimize productivity.

Safety Enterprise Strategy Series Part 3: Incorporating Machine Safety at an Enterprise Scale

Take a deep dive into machine safety to learn how your company can achieve compliance, reduce risk, and optimize productivity.

Safety Enterprise Strategy Series Part 4: Effective Strategies for Developing and Maintaining your Arc Flash Program

Take a deep dive into arc flash to learn how your company can achieve compliance, reduce risk, and optimize productivity.

Guangzhou Achieves Operational Excellence

Learn how a comprehensive and integrated approach helped Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., LTD to achieve operational excellence when they deployed our FactoryTalk AutoSuite MES.

MES Rises as Automakers Embrace Flexibility

Manufacturing execution system tools provide real-time data for analysis, and also help to make the production lines more flexible.

Software Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers

Learn how our FactoryTalk AutoSuite MES enables you to integrate control and business systems across your enterprise. You can turn production data into actionable information.

The Speed to Succeed

Learn how our FactoryTalk® AutoSuite™ MES software can help you keep pace with an increasingly complex and fast-moving automotive industry.

Are Your Operations Ready?

Electric car manufacturers that want to stay competitive must commit to data-driven manufacturing in a highly flexible and connected environment.

Digitalized Gigafactories Meet EV Battery Demand

The next seismic change in autos is in AFVs. Find out how to use real-time information and analytics to keep up with demand for millions of new EV batteries annually.

Automation Fair Puts Future in Your Hands

See for yourself the digital technologies, converged networks and other smart technologies driving industrial automation trends.

Control System Drives New Polymer Plant

Learn how Mitsubishi Chemical sped up its polymer production site deployment for automotive airbags and used remote access to reduce start-up challenges.

Mitigating Risk – Without Applying the Brakes

EV manufacturers are under pressure to expedite their launch schedules. Global program management paves the way for a successful EV launch – and smart manufacturing.

As Time Advances, So Will Your Operations

Take a look into the future to see how current control, analytics and safety technologies will reshape industries in the coming decades.

A New Driving Force: Automotive “Electric Dreams”

Market drivers and new technology are accelerating electric vehicle demand. To keep up, carmakers must adopt a more connected, data-intensive approach.

Collaborative Applications: What You Need to Know

The way people and machinery interact in automotive plants is fundamentally changing. Collaborative technology makes functional safety more critical than ever.