Modernizing Lockout-Tagout for Today's Industries

Modernizing Lockout-Tagout for Today's Industries



An OSHA-compliant Lockout-Tagout program requires 5 essential components (Training, LOTO Procedures, Policy, Locks and Devices, and Auditing), but these key elements can also be common points of failure in even the most well-intentioned program. ScanESC adds sustainability to your LOTO program by allowing you to graphically audit and monitor your compliance in real time, and course correct as needed. With our approach, you can ensure all elements of your program are working together seamlessly and efficiently.

We help you:

  • Ensure the necessary components are in place for compliance
  • Employ alternate protective measures, such as Alternative De-Energization Procedures (ADPs) for routine tasks, saving time without increasing risk
  • Implement a sustainability plan to help you drive efficiency and achieve maximum ROI

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