Mining for Talent in the Digital Era: The Effects of Digitization on the Mining Workforce

Mining for Talent in the Digital Era


60 Minutes



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Both established and emergent mining companies are searching for ways to adapt to shifting workforce dynamics. In this session, we’ll review a study ManpowerGroup and Rockwell Automation conducted to discover how mining companies are currently optimizing talent and human resources in the digital era, as well as potential new solutions and strategies that could be adopted within the industry. We’ll also provide a view on future roles that may emerge, and the skills tomorrow’s mine workers will need to succeed.

Top 3 Industry Drivers:
•    Workforce challenges
•    Digital transformation
•    Future of the industry and how all three of these are intertwined

Key Takeaways:
•    Understand that the mining industry is changing due to digital transformation and the workforce needs to prepare for these changes as well
•    Identify where your organization falls in its attitude toward digital transformation and the risks faced in the future of the industry
•    Prepare to make changes to your workforce with training, role shifts, and education

Rebekah Kowalski
Presented by Rebekah Kowalski, VP of Manpower Manufacturing, ManpowerGroup

Rebekah Kowalski is the Vice President of Manpower Manufacturing. She is responsible for developing talent for the rapidly transforming manufacturing industry. Rebekah focuses on developing solutions for the shortage of skilled workers and the evolution of roles and skills.

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