Building a Smarter Machine with Kinetix Servo Drives

Building a Smarter Machine - Kinetix Servo Drives



Would you like to have a machine that is capable of adapting to its changing mechanical conditions in real time?  With Load Observer and Adaptive Tuning in Kinetix® 5000 servo drives, tuningless operation can now be achieved.  When you don't have to shut your machine down to make adjustments, you'll experience reduced commissioning and downtime. Learn about how to leverage these capabilities to eliminate tuning procedures and tests during the commissioning process and achieve an effective level of machine performance, regardless of changing inertias, compliance, backlash, or mechanical degradation.

During this webinar, we’ll share with you how the Load Observer and Adaptive Tuning:

  • Improves the user experience by automatically tuning the drive to electrically compensate for mechanical effects.
  • The drive automatically compensates for the unknown mechanics that can change over time.
  • The features help decrease machine wear, and proactively monitors the performance to predict timely maintenance

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