Bridge the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Academy of Advanced Manufacturing Program Certifies Trained Veterans

The costs to source, recruit, assess, select and develop a highly skilled workforce are escalating rapidly. Manufacturing companies are facing a skill shortage and struggling to find candidates to fill many critical technology roles which is negatively impacting productivity. To tackle the critical skills shortage in the rapidly-evolving manufacturing sector, Rockwell Automation and ManpowerGroup developed the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing – a joint initiative to provide U.S. military veterans with the skills to succeed in advanced manufacturing roles.

Building Tomorrow’s Advanced Industrial Workforce

We are partnering with ManpowerGroup to build tomorrow’s advanced manufacturing workforce by developing highly-trained veterans. The Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (AAM) is an intensive 12-week program that certifies highly-skilled veterans for work in the high-demand role of Instrumentation, Automation, & Controls Technician (IACT).​

Through AAM, you can hire qualified veterans who are trained and certified on today’s latest technologies with the foundation to grow with future advancements, as well as integrated professional skills to ensure a best match for your organization.  Having access to a job-ready pool of candidates will help you reduce the time it takes to fill your open critical roles.

How does this program work?

The program recruits veterans with technical skills and completes an in-depth screening and assessment process for their potential for success in the AAM program and in customer operations.

The program combines instructor-led classroom learning with hands-on laboratory experience. The AAM Program leverages the deep domain knowledge of Rockwell Automation in advanced manufacturing, together with ManpowerGroup’s global insight into changing skills needs and workforce solutions to power the future of manufacturing in the United States.

The 12-week AAM Program training curriculum covers both technical and professional competencies. Some of they key technical courses include industrial automation principles, controllers, networks, visualization, AC drives/motors, instrumentation, and machine safety. The major professional competencies topics include accelerating team performance, communications, navigating change,  managing conflict and presentation skills.

Graduates of the AAM Program are certified by Rockwell Automation in these technical and professional areas.

Hear What Graduates are Saying About the Program

Rockwell Automation and ManpowerGroup both provided me such an amazing and immersive experience. This program is a hidden gem.

Nelson Gonzalez, AAM Graduate

How May We Help You?

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