Polymer and Specialty Chemicals

Pavilion8 Model Predictive Control

Companies globally have employed our Pavilion8® model predictive control (MPC) solutions to optimize their production process while reducing costs. This patented technology has helped polymer manufacturers increase production rate and quality, reduce transition time and material, and adapt to changing market demands.

Drive Performance and Lower Costs

Model Predictive Control to Achieve Your Polymer and Chemical Solutions

Our Pavilion8 MPC solutions are tailored to deliver results that achieve your business operating objectives. The applications can be used individually to address specific business drivers, or in combination for greater total value and profitability. Our solutions are proven to deliver greater sustained value with lower maintenance costs than traditional linear control solutions.

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Model Predictive Control Value-Driven Solution

Application-Specific Solutions

  • Energy optimization
  • Reaction control
  • Recovery purification control
  • Extruder control
  • Silo control

Proven Technology

  • Leverages existing process instrumentation and information
  • Does not require additional capital equipment or real estate
  • Supports multiple complex processes


  • Increase production 2–8%
  • Improve product consistency 50–70%
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce grade transition times 30–50%
  • Enable more reliable, predictable plant operation
  • Achieve environmental compliance

Drive operational performance to desired business objectives while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Valuable Control Applications

Pavilion8 Technology Powers Reaction Application in Chemical Industry

Process control is a vital component in producing prime product in the reactor. Controlling the reactor process is key for manufacturers to produce prime product yield, reduce off-spec product, increase capacity, and thus succeed in the competitive marketplace. Powered by Pavilion8 technology, our Software Reaction Application is customized to the individual configuration of each reactor or unit within the reaction process. This solution assists in controlling and optimizing the reactor process.

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Unparalleled Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team is a group of highly qualified engineers. They have unparalleled on-site experience with the deployment of MPC and environmental compliance solutions for biofuels producers that include:

  • Experience with industry-specific applications
  • Proven project management methodology
  • Successful implementation of biofuel solutions
  • Integration of your business goals with our technology

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