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Are you frustrated by the amount of engineering time it takes to select, lay out and configure industrial control components in panels and enclosures?

We are.

Digital Bridge connects customers' ideas and requirements to a finished panel. We are digitally bridging steps within the design and manufacturing process, where historically they were done independently: separate tools, separate people, and separate efforts. With Digital Bridge we are enabling faster design and build times, reducing rework and redundancy, and reducing the opportunity for errors.

This video shows an overview of our process.

And now we are working to bring this advantage to our customers, making it easier for you to:

  • Source
  • Select
  • Design
  • Maintain
  • Upgrade

The solution is made even better because several of our Encompass Product Partners with industry leading experience like nVent HOFFMAN and Panduit were involved in the development effort to enable you to design a complete assembly using a single resource.


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