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We extend and enhance our own significant automation capabilities by partnering with a network of reliable local service companies in distribution, integration and product referencing.   Together we draw on a multitude of products, logistical and application expertise, global support solutions and technology choices - all delivered locally, when and where you need it.  Rockwell Automation's investment in partnering yields the greatest flexibility to provide the best tailor-made customer solutions.

Distribution Partners

Product selection, configuration, application fit and fulfillment of Rockwell Automation products and services.
  • 8 distributors
  • Technically trained representatives
More information on Authorized Distributors

Integration Partners

Engineering, technical and application oriented System Integrators integrating Rockwell Automation products into customer-specific applications.
  • Over 43 Recognized System Integrators
  • Recognition program
More information on System Integrators

Product Referencing Partners

Third parties who manufacture qualified products that complement the products and services of Rockwell Automation's global brands.

Rockwell Automation has formed strategic alliances with major computer, software and equipment suppliers to enhance our solutions for your competitive advantage.  The Rockwell Automation Encompass Program references complementary products from third-party manufacturers committed to providing quality products and services, solving the industrial automation needs of mutual customers and enhancing the Rockwell Automation solution. The Encompass Program references approximately 325 quality products from over 80 manufacturers.
More information on Encompass Product Partners
More information on Strategic Alliance Partners