Industrial Training

E-learning and Instructor-led Training When and Where You Need It

The industrial skills gap is putting pressure on the manufacturing workforce like never before. The complexity of the operational and technical systems they must design, operate, and maintain is increasing. Diverse skillsets are in demand to match the expanded roles and responsibilities of many positions. A generation of skilled workers is retiring, taking valuable tribal knowledge with them.

From e-learning and instructor-led courses to certificate programs and training workstations, we provide an array of opportunities for workers to learn, train and grow. Our training options help bridge the industrial skills gap for employees and employers alike.

Training Schedule

COVID-19 Training Notice

  • Rockwell Automation will suspend all instructor led, in-person training events globally for a 5 week period, beginning on 3/23/2020, with a targeted resume date of 4/27/2020 depending on Rockwell Automations Global team recommendations.
  • This suspension will impact training events being held at Rockwell offices, Distributor locations, and customer sites globally. 
  • Customers enrolled in a course during this suspension will be provided the opportunity to transfer their enrollment to the course of their choice.
  • Customers with impacted onsite training will be contacted and offered proposed dates for rescheduling the class.
  • Customers opting to cancel participation in courses that have started the week of 3/16, will face no penalty for cancelling.
  • Per policy Rockwell is not responsible for any expenses related to travel to or from a Rockwell Automation class.
  • If the need for training is immediate, Rockwell Automation e-learning is the suggested path. More information can be found at

AP Training Cancellation Policy

  • Full course fee charged for cancellations / postponements received within 15 calendar days, prior to course commencement
  • Full course fee charged for no-show participants

Please contact for further information.

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E-learning Courses

Our e-learning courses provide the flexibility and convenience of self-paced, self-directed training courses when and where you need them most. Our e-learning incorporates a variety of fundamental and product specific topics to deliver a world class online training solution directly to your plant floor or wherever you need it most.

Each learning module contain activities, software simulations, and demonstration videos to help reinforce learning concepts. The modules can be taken on any tablet or PC using Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, or Firefox, and all content is narrated, and has a viewable transcript.

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Global Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offer professional education to help you develop and apply your technical skills and knowledge to your plant systems to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity.

These programs are intended for maintenance or programming professionals who want to stay ahead of the competition, accelerate their knowledge using the latest automation control technology, and earn professional recognition and credits through a formal program.

Training Workstations

Get hands-on, self-paced instruction with a workstation to help train new employees or just to reinforce and practice maintenance, troubleshooting, and programming skills. Select a standard workstation or customize your own to fit your needs. Standard workstations include drives, HMI, I/O systems, motion control, and more. 

Select a Training Workstation

Reference Material

Our job aids provide essential job task information and are written based on best practices. We offer both standard guides that provide detailed instructions on the most common Rockwell Automation hardware and software-related job tasks, as well as custom guides that are created to work with your plant-specific systems and application. 

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